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How To Use Instagram Direct Message Quick Replies

Are you getting a lot of the same questions in your Instagram Direct Messages? That’s great! But answering these messages can be time-consuming. To fix this, Instagram just rolled out “Quick Reply” which is a text expander for easy replies to common questions.

Learn how you can engage with your followers in Instagram Direct Message while being efficient with your time.

What are Instagram Direct Message Quick Replies?

In case you haven’t noticed, Instagram added an update that makes it even easier to respond to commonly asked questions. In essence, quick replies are canned responses that you can share in just a few taps.

How to Use Instagram Direct Message Quick Replies

Now, let’s walk through how to create quick replies.

#1 Go into your direct messages

Panelists sit onstage at the Heroic Public Speaking event.

#2 Tap on a message

Sue B Zimmerman's Instagram Direct Message inbox.

#3 Tap on the quick reply icon (it’s the chat bubble with the three dots)

A direct message to Sue B Zimmerman with an arrow pointing to the quick replies icon.

#4 Tap on the plus icon (this is where you can create a new quick reply shortcut)

Sue B Zimmerman's Instagram Direct Message quick reply options.

#5 Write a shortcut name and your quick reply message

Sue B Zimmerman edits one of her quick reply messages.

#6 Tap save

#7 Type the shortcut in the message (the chat bubble will turn blue to indicate that you have a quick response)

Sue B Zimmerman's Instagram Direct Message with a white arrow pointing to the quick reply icon that is illuminated blue.

#8 Select the blue chat bubble to auto-populate your message

Sue B Zimmerman's Direct Message with auto-populated text.

#9 Hit send

I know, it’s super simple! While it can be tempting to send quick replies for the majority of the messages you receive, don’t forget the importance of a personal touch. Even a simple emoji, especially one that you use regularly with your branding, can make the message seem more personal.

Why Instagram Direct Message Quick Replies are Helpful

Whether you’re looking to streamline your Instagram efficiency or improve your communication in the DM, quick replies can be a huge time saver. Here are three other ways quick replies are really helpful:

#1 Creates a consistent message

It can be difficult to manage Instagram DM responses with multiple team members. That’s why the SBZ team loves quick replies. Instead of double checking with each other before we respond to a message, my team members are able to confidently send a quick reply and keep the conversation going with our followers.

#2 You use group chats to communicate

There’s often a lot going on in my #SueBSquads. Instead of typing the same messages over and over, I use quick replies to easily share the info that all of my coaching clients need. Even better, quick replies make sharing info with a ton of people a snap.

#3 You get a lot of the same questions/inquiries

Do you notice people asking the same questions over and over? Maybe it’s about a certain product? Or people want you to participate in various events? Quick replies can be a lifesaver. Jot down your list of commonly asked questions so you can make sure you have the quick replies you need.

Why You Need to Encourage Instagram Direct Messages

You’ve heard me say it before, the magic goes down in the DM. That’s why I recommend using your Instagram Stories to encourage people to reach out in the Instagram Direct Message. Whether it’s a new product launch or an upcoming event, Instagram Direct Messages are your chance to have meaningful one-on-one conversations.

Another great way to build stronger relationships with your followers is using interactive Instagram Stories features. From asking questions to clickable stickers, having people physically engage with your Instagram Stories is an important part of building a successful Instagram strategy. Not sure where to start? Check out this video to learn five easy ways you can create interactive Instagram Stories.

All this being said, you should also make sure you’re not spamming people with quick reply messages. The point of Instagram Direct Message is to build genuine relationships, and nothing will turn people off faster than a sales pitch or non-helpful response.

Just remember that quick replies are meant to help you be more efficient, but sometimes you will need to take the time to draft a more specific response. If someone sends you a message that clearly took a long time to write, make sure your response is equally thoughtful.

Want to learn more about the basics of Instagram Direct Messages?

If you need a refresher on the basics of Instagram Direct Messages, I’ve got you covered with my Intro to Instagram Direct Messages on Instagram download. From the anatomy of your Instagram Direct Message inbox to some hidden features you might not expect, you can find it all in this free download.

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