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3 Marketing Lessons from Successful Brands on Instagram

If you’re an #InstaSmarty then you should be paying attention to other business related Instagram accounts. But sometimes, in order to find inspiration and newness, you have to step outside of your industry box. I’m going to show you three successful brands on Instagram and the marketing lesson takeaways you can apply in your own Instagram strategy.

@Adobe – Let your customer be your best marketing asset

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Adobe’s Instagram is overflowing with amazing, beautiful content. The best part – it’s predominantly user generated content. By taking the time to sift through their customers’ content, Adobe is demonstrating the high value that can be found even when you’re not the original creator of the content. When Adobe showcases their customers’ best images, they are not only shining a light on their clients’ images but also reinforcing the high value of their brand’s tools.

@SanDiegoZoo – Engage before you sell

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As a business on Instagram you are most likely trying to engage potential clients into purchasing your goods or services. The San Diego Zoo is an amazing example of the strong results that can occur when you forgo the heavy sell in favor of genuine engagement. By showcasing fun activities like a photo contest and a quiz, the San Diego Zoo is giving their clients value in their Instagram content. Resist the temptation to sell, sell, sell; focus your efforts on building long-term relationships with your new and existing clients.

@SomethingSocial – Focus on what makes your design unique

Instagram now has over 300 million users – that’s a lot of white noise. Successful Instagram accounts, like @somethingsocial, stand out because of their eye-catching, well-executed content strategy. One glance at Something Social and it’s clear that they have a definite direction and aesthetic to their images. Each photo is carefully selected to best represent the carefree, hip style of the brand. Even one of Something Social’s clients, @tartyogurt, has utilized these content strategies on their Instagram feed. With carefully curetted photos, often based upon a specific color scheme, Tart Yogurt sets a high standard for all the content they share.

While at first glance it may seem as though these marketing lessons are only applicable to Instagram, all of these strategies can be executed in your larger business efforts. Next time you’re scrolling through Instagram, take the time to consider the content that catches your eye. What made you stop scrolling? Once you can answer that question, you too will be one step closer to finding #InstaSuccess.

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