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Create Instagram Reels Worth Saving

Create Instagram Reels that not only engage your audience but also compels them to save your posts for future reference.

Today we are sharing a reel strategy that will get your save numbers up – which signals to the algorithm that your content is valuable and in turn will show your posts to more people.

Market Research – Why Would Your Audience Save A Post?

So first, we want to hone in on the reasons why we save posts. To really understand Instagram marketing we need to put ourselves in our audience’s shoes.

What answers are your audience searching for when they are using Instagram? What are their pain points, or desires, and is there a list of information that would help solve some of them?

We asked Sue B. what she saves on Instagram, “I save posts that have workout routines and travel tips with destinations I’m interested in with a list of things to do there.

And that second one really hits the nail on the head when it comes to forming a post worth saving. A LIST! A list of valuable information that your audience can save and reference back to in the future.

As a business owner – think about how you can create a post that includes useful information for the future. A list of unique information that sparks, “OH, I need to be able to reference that later…”

What Do These Save-able Reels Look Like?

We’ll be showing you some Reels that got it right. Here on the first Reel (oh hey Morgan!):

We have a Hook at the top: “5 Reel Ideas to Educate Your Clients” … very fitting for today’s lesson! And a list of five ideas written out.

This reel is only about 8 seconds long, so probably not long enough to read the entire list. This is also part of a strategy! The audience, if hooked, will stay and let the reel loop (plays multiple times) so that they can read it, which also signals the algorithm that this is quality content.

In the caption (description text under the reel) we state a clear call to action, prompting the person watching to “Save this post for the next time you’re having a creative block!” Couldn’t be any clearer with what we want our audience to do!

Okay, so we’re going to share another example – one that isn’t from The Instagram Expert. This format displays a little different, but is really the same idea. A short video of B-roll footage, here you see Amy walking down her stairs (super simple right?), music is attached to this and I assume at the time of this Reel it was probably trending music, you can see the music down in the left corner.

She has her Hook that stays up on the Reel the entire video so it will catch attention. And then she puts her 3 ways to grow an email list on the screen about halfway through the video. Her caption goes into further detail for her audience to know about growing their email list in 2024.

So the pieces that put these Reels together are:

  • Short b-roll video of you or behind the scenes business type things
  • Strong HOOK
  • A list of ideas or information
  • Attaching music
  • Call to Action

We always recommend adding in a short description with additional information and a call to action, telling the audience to save the post for future reference.

And that’s it! All of these instagram features require some practice to get it right. That’s why there’s a draft feature and a back button! You can get in the app and play around with these features, but keep it simple. The two videos we shared are less than 10 seconds long, with simple text and music attached and that’s it!

Simplifying is the best course of action and we can get stuck or overwhelmed when trying to do too much.

Conclusion and Next Steps

These types of Reels allow you to get your ideas out there, and give your audience a taste of your genius!

Creating Reels that are helpful to your audience and encouraging them to save or engage in another way is so important. So If you’re looking for more tips and hacks for Reels – Download our FREE Guide For Business Owners: “Discover 5 Easy Hacks To Make Your Reels Go From Boring To Amazing In Just A Few Minutes.” Whether you want to increase your sales, followers, or reach on Instagram, this free guide will show you hidden tools that make it possible!

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