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4 Ways to Boost Holidays Sales on Instagram

The Holiday Season isn’t just a time for hot cocoa and warm blankets. The cheer of the season provides a perfect opportunity for you to capture the holiday joy in your Instagram. Whether you sell a product or service, Instagram is an awesome tool in helping you expand your business.

Here are four things for you to consider:

Add Holiday Visual Elements

Holiday visual elements are an excellent way to foster a strong emotional connection between you and your customer. Capture the feelings of the season by incorporating elements like a mug of hot chocolate, candles or glitter. As customers scroll through their feed, they will appreciate the feelings of the season coming through in your post.

Use the Right Call-to-Action

If you are running a special, limited-time offer for your business you need to make that clear to your customers. Making customer’s guess is a sure way to confuse and lose a potential sale. Instead, provide a concise, clear call-to-action, which will encourage customers to take the next step and purchase your product or service. Even better, get more eyeballs on your call-to-action by using all caps in the description.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Now is the time of year when people are searching for gifting ideas. Don’t let your posts get lost on Instagram. Make your products more discoverable by incorporating relevant hashtags. Popular hashtags like #GiftGuide, #GiftsForHim, and #GiftsForHer are sure to be getting a lot of eyeballs. If you’re a small business be sure you are using industry related hashtags, such as #ShopLocal and #ShopSmall.

Show Off the Benefits of Your Product or Service

Customers love to know how they can use products and services in their every day life. Consider how you can position your product so that your customer knows exactly how they’ll use what you’re selling. For example, if you’re a Real Estate Agent, try posting a photo of a table set for the holidays or a cozy throw on a couch. Your picture will not only highlight your product or service in a unique way, but will stand out in its ability to capture the feelings of the season.

So this holiday season don’t just sit back and sip hot cocoa. Get creative, and consider how you can capture the feelings of the holiday season in your Instagram posts. I am thankful for each and everyone you. I wish you all an #InstaAwesome holiday season.

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