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4 Ways To Repurpose Your Instagram Content

While sharing high-quality Instagram content is an important part of any social marketing strategy, it can feel like you’re spending hours and hours creating content. You need time to create content that grabs the attention of your audience and entices them to engage, but it shouldn’t take up all your time.

Luckily, it’s possible to save yourself a lot of time and still share eye-catching content. Here are four ways you can re-purpose your Instagram content and be more consistent across all of your social media platforms.

#1 Sharing in private groups

Through a combination of public posts and private groups, Facebook has been a great social platform for growing my Instagram account. I know, it seems strange that I would use another social media platform to grow my Instagram following – here’s how I did it.

When I share a post on Instagram that gets a lot of engagement or I know would be really helpful to my Facebook followers, I share it in my free, private Facebook group, Instagram Results for Business. It’s a great way to share these lessons and teach them directly to my eager group members. I’ve already created the content, so it’s really a win-win. Even better, when I share the post in the private Facebook group, I can use Facebook comments to start another conversation with my members.

Here’s how I share my Instagram posts in my private group:

  • Tap on the 3 circles in the bottom left where it shows you who has viewed your story.

Sue B Zimmerman's Instagram Story with text over the Boston skyline that says remember to geotag your Instagram Stories.

  • Tap on the down arrow in the upper right to save your whole Instagram Story

Sue B Zimmerman's views on her recent Instagram Stories.

  • Open the Instagram Results for Business Facebook group.

Sue B Zimmerman's Facebook post explaining the importance of adding a geotag to your Instagram posts.

  • Upload the video from my camera roll
  • Create an original caption that will encourage engagement from my group members. This often means asking a question that will start a conversation among the group.
  • Post!

This seems like a simple strategy, but it’s saved me a #ShitTon of time and hassle!

#2 Sharing the same image multiple times

Resharing images may sound counterintuitive, but as my past posts have shown, it’s actually a fantastic way to save time. If you’ve ever shared a photo that got a lot of engagement, there’s a good chance that people will continue to love your post even if you reshare it. I’m not suggesting that you share the same image several times in one month. But if you make minor edits to the image, like adding saturation or brightness, it can give older content new life.

Sue B Zimmerman's Instagram post that shows her smiling as she wears a yellow jacket and walks down a snowy walkway.

I originally shared this Instagram post back in 2017[2], and it got a ton of engagement. That’s why I knew I needed to take the opportunity to reshare it earlier this year. By adding some brightness to the photo, so it fits in with my Instagram theme, and changing the caption, I was able to engage a whole new audience. Just remember to double check your post’s analytics before you share. If a post underperformed the first time, there’s no point in using up your feed space to try it again.

#3 Sharing Instagram posts in Stories

With more and more people turning their attention to Instagram Stories, a lot of brands have started using Stories to reshare their Instagram posts. Whether it’s driving attention to your email list or sharing a new campaign, getting your post in front of more eyeballs is always a good strategy.

Resharing an Instagram post in Stories is easy, here’s how:

  • Go to the post you want to share on your Instagram feed.
  • Tap on the airplane icon in the lower left.

Sue B Zimmerman poses with her Ready Set Gram students at her RSG retreat.

  • Tap “add post to your story”, the first option in the blue text.

Sue B Zimmerman's Instagram post with the direct message feature open.

Now you can adjust the photo to fit with your Stories theme, whether that’s using your fingers to change the image size or adding style elements, like animated gifs and text. Just remember, since your caption will be cut off, it’s important that you provide enough context so people understand your call-to-action.

Sue B Zimmerman's Instagram post preview in Stories with text overlay that says "Looking to learn how to use a hashtag at your next event."

#4 Using Instagram content on a different platform

These days more and more brands and influencers are using Instagram as a microblog. The good news is that gives you more opportunities to share your carefully crafted captions on other social media platforms, which will hopefully get your posts seen by more people.

Have a longer caption to share? That could be perfect for Facebook. Keeping it short and sweet? Go ahead and tweet it out. Wherever you decide to share your Instagram post, be mindful of what is organic to each platform. Even after you share, double check that the post makes sense in context. This is especially true on Twitter since characters are limited.

Here’s how to share your Instagram post to Twitter:

  • Go to the Instagram post you’d like to share on your feed, and click the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner, then tap “Share”.

Sue B Zimmerman's Instagram post that shows a quote graphic that says kind people are my kind'a people.

  • Now toggle the Twitter option on. The switch will turn blue when it is ready to share.

Sue B Zimmerman's Instagram post with the share post menu open and the toggle turned on to share to Twitter.

  • When the post is shared to Twitter, it will show a shortened version of the Instagram caption, plus a link that directs to the post on Instagram.

What matters most is that your caption works for that social media audience. Experiment with different types of posts and captions to see which content works best for cross-promotion. If you’re still looking for more ways to increase engagement with your Instagram captions, be sure to check out this blog post.

Final tip: Pay attention to what posts do well on Instagram.

Is your Instagram post worth adding to your email newsletter? Are people thirsty for more information? You could even reuse your posts for Instagram ads or expand on your paid content.

Take my lessons on using Instagram Stories for business as an example. It all started with Instagram posts! The Instagram posts got such positive feedback, my team and I saw that this was an opportunity to create a brand new course. Now, we’ve created a virtual class on Instagram Stories, and it’s of our most successful paid classes.

You should also keep an eye on your analytics, which will make it easier to identify trends and recreate successful content. Most importantly, listen to what your audience is asking for, and make sure your content is aligning with their needs. If it’s not, don’t be afraid to change it.

Tell me what other platforms you’re active on 

I’m curious what other platforms you’re active on. Let me know in the comments below. While you’re deciding how you can re-purpose your Instagram content, make sure to grab my free Instagram Strategy Guide. It’s a great resource for helping you find even more content inspiration.





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