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6 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Business owners need inspiration even when they’re on the go. That’s why podcasts are the perfect learning tool. Whether you’re running on the treadmill or walking your dog, you can get business advice from some of the industry’s top experts right in your earbuds.

But with so many podcasts to choose from, how can you know which ones are worth your time? Check out six of my favorite podcasts that will inspire you to grow your business.

#1 Tara Gentile: Power. Profit. Pursuit.

Tara Gentile Podcast

I know, sometimes it can feel like we don’t have time to get into the nitty, gritty details of making our businesses successful – and that’s why I always make sure to listen to Tara Gentile’s podcast, Power. Profit. Pursuit.

Whether she’s talking about the importance of time management or how to build a productive team, Tara truly understands what it takes for small businesses and brands to meet their goals.

One of the episodes that I highly recommend, especially if you’re struggling to build a cohesive team, is Tara’s interview with Melanie Duncan. Together, they chat about how Melanie has built her seven figure business and the importance of creating a more balanced, productive workplace culture. f you’re ready to do a deep dive into what is and is not working in your business, check out Tara’s podcast.

#2 Chris Ducker: Youpreneur

Chris Ducker Podcasts

If you’re anything like me, you probably already draw inspiration from other success business leaders. But do you really know how their success can help you grow your business? That’s why I love Chris Ducker’s podcast, Youprenuer.

Every week Chris sits down with some of the top online business minds and brand entrepreneurs to have real, in-depth conversations about how you can build, grow, and monetize every aspect of your business.

But building a successful business isn’t just about expanding, it’s also important to make smart, financial decisions. That’s why I suggest you listen to Chris’ interview with Jeff Rose, the CEO of Good Financial Cents. If thinking about your business’ finances makes you cringe or you’re ready to step up your long-term financial plan, Jeff gives out the tough, honest advice you need to hear. If you’re ready to get money smart with your business, check out this episode.

#3 Donald Miller: StoryBrand

Donald Miller Podcasts

Today there’s a ton of white noise in digital media, which means you need to make sure that you have a top-notch marketing plan. Donald Miller knows the long list of marketing challenges that businesses and brands must address, and that’s why he created StoryBrand.

As one of the industry’s most in-demand authors and public speakers, Donald knows that you need to create compelling stories if you want to stand out from the competition. It’s not just about telling people what your business is about; you need to create memorable marketing messages to connect with your ideal clients.

That’s why you should check out Donald’s interview with professional storyteller Tricia Rose Burt. Together they’ll walk you through the three key principles that you have to include in your brand stories. Trust me, before you plan out your next marketing campaign, give this episode a listen.

#4 Chase Jarvis: The Chase Jarvis LIVE Show

Chase Jarvis Podcasts

Even the most creative among us have days where out-of-the-box ideas are nowhere to be found. Cue Chase Jarvis and his amazing podcast, The Chase Jarvis LIVE Show. No matter what your brand sells or creates, Chase knows that the most important thing is being creative.

As a professional photographer, videographer and creative business owner, Chase has built his whole career with one thing in mind: to be as creative as possible.

If you’re looking for some real inspiration and how you can bring your best self into your business, I recommend listening to Chase’s interview with empathy expert Brene Brown. As a New York Times bestselling author, Brene goes deep as she breaks down the importance of connection and how we use our creativity to forge these relationships. Stuck in a creative rut? Check out Chase’s podcast.

#5 Sophia Amoruso: Girlboss

Girl Boss Podcasts

Chances are that you’ve heard about this ‘Girlboss,’ Sophia Amoruso. But did you know she also has a business-focused podcast called Girlboss Radio? As a serial entrepreneur and founder of Girlboss Media, a company that was founded for women redefining success on their own terms, Sophia is a total bad ass.

Each episode Sophia interviews women who are pushing boundaries and finding success on their own terms, plus the lessons they learned along the way. Trust me, these are not one-size-fits-all business journeys.

One episode that I find particularly helpful for women business owners, especially those who are looking for some raw, insightful conversations, is to listen to Sophia’s recent interview about how we define success. Six women influencers got brutally honest about their biggest failures and what keeps them getting out of bed in the morning. Trust me, their answers are not what you expect.

#6 Michael Hyatt: Lead to Win

Michael Hyatt Podcasts

Finally, if you’re thinking ahead to the long-term wins for your business, make sure to tune into Michael Hyatt’s podcast, Lead to Win. Not only does Michael have a brilliant mind for business, but he also knows that having a successful business isn’t just about the daily wins.

With over 15 million downloads and counting, Michael’s weekly episodes are always full of actionable insights that will help you think about structuring for the long-term success of your business.

As someone who is always thinking two steps ahead, I especially love his recent episode about how you can avoid career stagnation. Burnout is a real risk for business owners, and Michael shares some awesome tips about non-negotiable growth practices you can put in place to help you process failure and improve for the future. Charting out the long-term growth can seem daunting, but Michael makes it easy.

Ninja Tip – Save Time Even When You’re on the Go

Obviously I can’t get enough of podcasts, but sometimes I’m super crunched for time. If you’re busy like me try speeding up your podcasts to 1.5x. You’ll get the business advice you need and save time too.

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