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Best Ways To Promote Your Blog With Instagram Stories

Calling all Instagram mavericks and novices alike: If you’re not using Instagram Stories you are missing out on BIG opportunities for your business. Since its launch in April 2017, Instagram has continued to push Instagram Stories as the must-have social strategy for businesses of all sizes – and for good reason! Instagram Stories provide business owners an opportunity to humanize their brand and step up their creative content. Even more, Instagram Stories users are surpassing 200 million, compared to only 160 million on Snapchat stories. One of my favorite parts of Stories is the “Swipe Up”. This allows users to hyperlink a clip of their Story to the url of their choice and is an amazing way to drive website traffic. Right now, in order to have the swipe up feature, you’re required to have a business account and at least 10,000 followers. But there is a good chance that Instagram will roll out the feature to more accounts soon, so it’s time for all business owners to get ready. You don’t have to have the “swipe up” feature to effectively drive traffic from your Instagram Stories. There are plenty of other ways to send to get users to head to the link in your bio as well. Bottom line, if you have a website or blog you need to know how to effectively use Instagram Stories to get people to take action. Here are five ways you can make Instagram Stories a major traffic driver in your business.

#1 Calls-to-action using text

Time is limited, so the last thing you want is for your users to guess what your content is about. Using clear, concise text calls-to-action are a great way to get people to stop in their scroll and swipe up or head to your bio. You don’t have to rely on a one-liner either, take a look at these creative accounts.


Take a look at the colorfully inspired story that Studio DIY used to promote their rainbow pumpkins. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill pumpkin crafts. Instead, Studio DIY uses playful colors and text boxes to create an eye-popping graphic. Even the different shades of text, although time-consuming, is done with great intention. Users already know what to expect before they even swipe up. @StudioDIY Instagram Story Example


Instagram is overflowing with amazing food bloggers. So how can brands make themselves stand out? They just need to take a note from amazing companies like Hello Fresh. As a personal food delivery service, Hello Fresh knows its ideal clients are looking for fresh, health-focused content. By keeping the text concise, limited to about two or three lines, users don’t feel like they have to read a novel before they swipe up. Hello Fresh Instagram Stories Example Account Swipe Up

#2 Create clips with Adobe Spark

Now, after mastering your call-to-action you’ll probably want to play around with different types of content. Even for the most graphically-challenged, there are plenty of apps to make life easier. One of my personal favorites is Adobe Spark. In just 45 seconds you can create amazing animated posts. While you don’t want to overdo it, these video clips are a great way to mix up your Instagram Stories content. Plus, they’re an #InstaAmazing way to share your branding. Check out my business account, @TheInstagramExpert, to see how I’ve included Adobe Spark clips in my content strategy.

#3 Share social proof

Let’s be real, as business owners there are few things as valuable as the praise of a satisfied customer. Go ahead and give yourself an extra pat on the back, and demonstrate your value to your followers, and share this social proof right in your Instagram Story.


We could all use some more positivity in our lives, especially in our social channels. That’s why I love to share the feedback and amazing questions I receive from clients right in my Instagram Story. It’s easy, here’s how:
  • Take a screenshot of the direct message or blog comment
  • Add your own branding pizzazz
  • Tag the Instagram account or user you’re featuring
  • Share
It might seem simple, but it’s a great way to demonstrate the value you provide to your clients. Besides, if that’s not enough it’s a great excuse to toot your own horn! Instagram Stories Social Proof

#4 Direct attention to an Instagram post

Fact: Business owners do not do enough to promote their Instagram feeds. Since Instagram Stories are right at the top of the app, they are often the first thing users tap through before they scroll. Grab their attention right away by giving a shout to your latest Instagram post.


Sometimes you just need to show your Instagram feed some love – especially when you create a freaking amazing post. Lila does this often when promoting her latest delicious, vegan recipe. Not only does she provide a little bit of intrigue by putting a strategically placed emoji on the screenshot, but she tells people exactly where they can find the recipe link. Remember, you want even the newest Instagram user to know exactly what to do so you never miss an opportunity to drive traffic to your website. @lilanatalie Instagram Story Example

#5 Send stories with a direct message (DM)

As much as Instagram Stories help to drive traffic to your website, they can also serve another important purpose: market research. Using the direct message feature, just tap on the airplane in the lower left-hand corner of a story, you can easily send an Instagram Story clip as a direct message to a person or a group message.  I’m always inspired by the amazing business ideas that both Marie Forleo and Social Media Examiner share in their Instagram Stories. When I come across something that I think my team and I can learn from, I never hesitate to share. Even if you have to earmark it, it’s great to know what’s working for other business owners and how it can inspire your business. We can’t forget, the more we shine a light on others the more it shines on us too.

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