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Dropbox Organization For Your Instagram Photos

If you’re anything like me, you probably have hundreds (or thousands) of pictures stored in your phone’s camera roll. I get it – you’re always trying to capture the most #InstaAwesome photos for your Instagram marketing strategy. But what happens when you’re struggling to decide which photo to post? Don’t waste time scrolling through your feed trying to find the best shot. If you want to post with intention, which you always should, then you first need a plan. Dropbox can be a part of that plan.

By organizing your photos in a way that makes them more accessible, you will save yourself and your team from future headaches. My team and I have found great success with Dropbox for cloud storage and photo organizing. While there are certainly other platforms you can use, the most important thing is that you take the time to create a plan that makes sense for your business. Here are three tips to organizing your pictures in Dropbox.

1. Start a fresh folder each year 

While it might seem obvious, creating separate folders each year encourages greater organization.  Decide on a time each year to revisit your business folders, clean up and reorganize. Organizing folders by year means that old unrelated projects are not sitting in the folder creating a distraction. Every January, Morgan, the Director of Operations on my team, goes through Dropbox and creates new folders for the new year. Inside that year, each team member has their own folder, their own filing cabinet for the year. She then goes through and pulls in files from the previous year that would still need to be in the new year.

2. Number the folder you want to see first

In Dropbox, if you add a “1” to the front of the file name, the file will shoot to the top of the list. If you are someone like me with a lot of different files, this is an awesome trick. The file that I put a “1” in front of is “Social Media Content”. This is the folder that holds all the photos for our social media platforms. When you click in, you will see a folder for all the social platforms, but today we are going to specifically peek into Instagram.

3. Organize your Instagram folder by theme

If you follow a strong Instagram strategy, then most likely you’ve chosen a theme or schedule of the type of images that will be included in your Instagram account. For us on @theinstagramexpert, we follow a color theme. We post multiple times in a row with photos that feature the same color, then transition to the next color. Due to this theme, it is easiest if we have our photos in folders labeled by color. This way, when we are ready to feature pink in our posts, I am all prepared with images for this and I don’t have to wander my camera roll for them. The folders also allow us to see when we are low in a certain color, which helps to narrow the goal during a photo shoot.

4. Create a “used” folder

You want to ensure you don’t make an Instagram faux pas and reuse a photo that was recently seen on your feed. Make it a habit to drag and drop the photo you have posted into a used folder when you are done. This helps show you the level of your photo supply.

You’re organized. Now let’s post!

Dropbox’s mobile app provides a user-friendly platform where you can easily access your folders on your mobile device. To use an image from your dropbox folder to post on Instagram, you have to export the image.  To export your images, simply click the three small dots in the top corner. Your photos will then be saved to your camera roll, and you can post as you normally would.

Do you have any photo organizational tips?

There are tons of other ways you can organize your Instagram photos. Let me know which platform or tool has worked best for your business. To discover more tips and strategies, be sure to download my free Instagram Strategy Guide.

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