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Fear of Instagram Content: How to Overcome Your Content Struggles on IG

Do you have fears of creating Instagram content? You’re not alone! Whether you don’t know what to say or don’t know how to get ahead on Instagram, your frustration is very common.
As Instagram rolls out more options for people to share daily content – whether it’s Instagram posts, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, or IGTV – it can seem like an overwhelming amount of choices. So if you feel like you don’t know where to start, or if you’re actually posting the “right” content, this blog post gives you four strategies.

#1 Make a List 

Rather than having a brain freeze every time you scroll through your camera roll, set time aside for a brain dump.Yep, that’s right. Write down or type out every idea that comes to mind – no content idea is too big or too small.  Once you’ve jotted down your list, take a step back and see if the content ideas on your list have anything in common. Ultimately, your Instagram strategy should focus on sharing content tells your followers:
  • Who you are
  • What makes your brand special 
  • How you can help people 

#2 Think About Recurring Themes 

You didn’t think this brain dump was a one time deal? Nope. You should keep a running list of all of your Instagram content ideas. While it doesn’t necessarily need to be a brain dump every time, this recurring list should reflect the evolution of your business.  I recommend keeping this list somewhere that’s easily accessible, like your phone. That way no matter where you travel, you’ll always have your Instagram content list within reach. Just like your brain dump, no idea is too big or too small. 

#3 Set Realistic Goals  

Setting yourself up for Instagram success means striving for realistic goals. I totally understand wanting to have ambitious goals. Hello, that’s what drives my business! But if you set an unrealistic goal, like posting on Instagram every day when you’ve only been sharing sporadically, then you’ll feel discouraged if you fail to meet your goal.  Instead, try to aim for consistency. Pick a start date. Yes, right now … write it down! Then go back to your Instagram content list to develop a week’s worth of content. Schedule time with yourself on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to create a content calendar and develop more ideas. 

#4 Schedule a Photoshoot 

It’s a comment I hear all the time, “Sue I don’t have any photos.” But gathering Instagram content doesn’t have to be an ordeal. All you need is a ½ hour photoshoot to get plenty of Instagram content.  Whether you’re taking photos to highlight your personality or showcase your products and services, these photos will help you create a more cohesive Instagram content strategy. If you’re stuck about how to plan a photoshoot, be sure to check out this video Oh, and here’s a bonus lighting tip. If you’re in a room that’s a little dark, try turning your body towards a light source, like a lamp. Then hold your phone up at a higher angle to get the perfect light. 

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