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Feel Comfortable on Instagram Stories Using Stories Filters

Getting comfortable on Instagram™ Stories is easier said than done. How do you feel when you flip open Instagram™ Stories and put it in selfie mode? If your immediate feeling is to panic or worry about getting in front of the camera, I have you covered.
Keep reading to learn how Instagram™ Stories filters can add a pop of fun to your strategy and make you more comfortable in front of the camera.

What are Instagram™ Stories Filters?

Sure, it seems like a straightforward question. But with Instagram™ rolling out updates to Stories all the time, a lot of people don’t know that there are a ton of Instagram™ filters right in the app!  Just like you use filters on photos or videos, Instagram™ Stories filters allow you to add an effect or change the coloring of your content. Now that Instagram™ is allowing people to add their own custom filters, the options are endless! 

How to Find Instagram™ Stories Filters

With so many options, how can you find the filter that’s perfect for your Instagram™ content? Here’s how to find filters in just a few steps. First, open Instagram™ Stories and scroll all the way to the right.  Sue B Zimmerman takes a selfie video as she scrolls to the Instagram Stories filter search option. Now, you can search for certain effects or styles that fit your Instagram™ aesthetic. Just remember, not every filter is a perfect choice for your brand. Take your time finding the filter that’s right for your brand’s vibe.  Instagram's Stories filters search menu. Another helpful way to sort through the thousands of options at your fingertips is by saving the filters that your favorite brands and businesses are using. Just tap on the filter at the top. Then you can save it to your filter portfolio.  The Instagram Stories filters menu that allows you to save the filter to your account.

When to Use Instagram™ Stories Filters and What to Avoid

With so many Instagram™ filter options to choose from you might be tempted to try every one. But just like your Instagram™ feed, your filter choices should be carefully considered and cohesive with the look and feel of your business.  While the puppy filter might be a cute option, it’s not necessarily going to tell people you’re a leader in your brand niche. The goal should always be for your filter to enhance your content, not distract from your message. 

So Which Brands are Using Instagram™ Stories Filters Well?

Looking for inspiration on how filters can reflect the moodiness of your brand? Check out Leah Live Free’s Instagram™ Stories. As a wellness and spiritual coach, Leah’s filter choices reflect the tranquility of her retreats and spiritual meditations.  Leah Live Free's Instagram Story that features her ethereal meditation circle. Another business that I love to follow is Kelly Klemmensen. As a photographer and educator, Kelly is always using her Instagram™ Stories to build on the knowledge she’s sharing in her amazing classes. Her filter choices are subtle, but capture the cozy, welcoming vibe that she’s always sharing with her clients.  Kelly Klemmensen's shares an Instagram Story video where she's facing the camera and wearing a black tshirt. An account that I always love tapping in to see is Jamie Koll, better known by her Instagram™ handle Girls Who Eat. In addition to her delicious food content, Jamie does an amazing job using her filters consistently. When I tap into her Instagram™ Stories, I instantly know the tone of her content.  Jamie Koll shares an Instagram Stories selfie video with her brown hair swept over her left shoulder and wearing a black tshirt.

How to Add an Instagram™ Filter with the Calligraphy Tool

But what happens when none of the filters seem to be the right fit for your Instagram™ Story? Maybe you just want a pop of your brand color. That’s easy to add!  First, tap on the writing tool and pick the calligraphy icon (it’s the writing tool in the middle).  Sue B Zimmerman's Instagram Story shows her wearing a pink blouse and round sunglasses as she poses in front of a colorful painting. Then, drag your filter until you pick a light color that fits your brand aesthetic. Finally, hold your finger down on the photo to add the colored filter.  Sue B Zimmerman holds her phone as she adds a light pink filter to her Instagram Story.

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