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How to Get Started with a New Business Idea

Having a brilliant business idea buzzing around in your head is great, but for many of us, putting that business plan into action can often feel like a daunting stumbling block. If you’re struggling to take the next step in your business, you need to check out these three ways to get started with a new business idea.

The SBZ team recently used this process when we were developing my new Facebook Live show, “The Social Sip,” and it’s helped us to achieve amazing results.

#1 Braindump

From the start, one of the best ways to bring clarity to the chaos of your business is to braindump. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Take all of the ideas that you have for your business or product launch and put them all on paper. This isn’t the time to censor yourself –every idea is worth writing down.

As you’re preparing to braindump, try to think strategically about how you’re going to develop and execute your business idea. In my case, when I was developing the concept for “The Social Sip,” I thought through questions like:

–       What should we call the show?

–       What are the brand colors we should use?

–       What technology will we need to execute it?

–       How should we format the show?

–       How will this show be different than the normal Instagram marketing I teach?

By braindumping through each of these questions, and writing them all down in a Google Doc, I gave myself a clear framework for the show.

Even now, I still go back to that Google Doc to see what other ideas I could possibly bring the show. Let’s be honest, braindumping is not a one-time process.

#2 Bring a friend

I know what you’re thinking, and no I don’t mean reaching out to your best friend from summer camp. As you’re developing a new business idea or product, it’s important to have a trusted accountability partner This individual is someone who’s advice you trust and has your best interest in mind. Most importantly, they actually keep you accountable.

In my case, my trusted accountability partner is Steve Dotto. Not only do I trust Steve’s expertise, but I know he’ll always be honest with me … even when it’s constructive criticism.

Rather than asking your accountability partner vague questions, like “what do you think,” prepare more thoughtful, direct questions. These questions could include:

–       Does the name of the product represent what it is?

–       Does this sound like the solution to the problem my potential customer has?

–       Would you actually buy this? If so, how much would you pay for it?

–       Does this timeline seem realistic?

–       Do you understand what I’m selling?

All of these questions help your accountability partner to think more critically, and for you to get the honest feedback you need to fully develop your business idea.

#3 Breakdown

Now that you’ve braindumped and spoken with your accountability partner, it’s time to consider how you’re actually going to put your idea into action. Before you dive right into the process, take time to look at what you’ve braindumped. Then, you can break your business plan into phases that are easily digestible and more likely to be executed.

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, I recommend using a task management tool like Trello. My team and I use our Trello boards to assign tasks, set due dates, and, most importantly, to hold ourselves accountable.

It’s because of this hyper-organization that we were able to launch “The Social Sip” in January 2018 as planned. Even now, as we continue to develop the show, we are always careful to breakdown the tasks we need so we can continue to meet and exceed our business goals.

What ideas do you have brewing in your business?

So what happens if you’re actually planning to start an entirely new business? If you’re ready to jumpstart your idea, I highly recommend checking out Marie Forleo’s free training video series. I took Marie’s class five years ago, and it completely changed the way I do business.

Marie truly believes that everyone has something valuable and unique to offer with their business, and she’s amazing at helping you bring your business idea to fruition. And if you have an idea brewing in your head right now, let me know in the comments below!

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