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How to Handle Spammers and Inappropriate Followers On Instagram

Instagram is a great platform for sharing genuine, high-quality content. But, as you’ve probably noticed, it’s also a popular platform for trolls and spammers. A recent Huffington Post article found that there are potentially 24 million fake Instagram accounts, also known as spambots. Don’t let these pesky users ruin your Instagram experience. Here are a few simple ways you can deal with spammers and inappropriate followers on Instagram.

The first question you probably ask yourself when you see a random comment on your Instagram is “how do I know if this is spam.” While you will need to use your best judgment to determine if a comment or follower is genuine, there are a few giveaways. The first is when someone leaves a comment that says “follow for follow” or “gain 500 followers.” These comments are pure spam, and distract your followers from your content. Another way to decipher whether someone is a spammer is to click over to their account. Typically, these accounts will have a very sales-focused bio or boast about how to gain followers.

But once you’ve figured out it’s a spammer, what do you do next? If you want to quickly remove the comment from your image, click and drag the comment to the left. Select the trashcan icon to delete. If you want to block the spammer, click over to their account. Click on the three dots in the top right to report and block.

Spammers are inevitable, but don’t let their negatively dampen your #InstaAwesome feed. Stay positive, and focus on how you can use the best strategies to grow your account.

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