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How to Create a Business Account on Instagram

Are you looking to use your Instagram account for business? I’m going to break down why it is essential to have a business account if you are doing any type of sales on Instagram.  

Not only is Instagram fun and creative, but it’s also one of the most engagement-friendly social platforms for businesses. In this blog post I cover the two easy steps to switch to an Instagram business account and the four benefits of making the switch. Let’s get started.

How to Switch to a Business Account

By default, every Instagram account starts as a personal account. In order to make the switch to a business account, you’ll need to have an active Facebook business profile. If you need to create a Facebook business profile, you can find the directions here.

Keep in mind, you can only connect one Instagram account to your Facebook profile.

To switch to a business profile, start off by logging into your Instagram account. Make sure your account is set to public since you can’t create a private Instagram business account. Then, once you’ve toggled to your profile, tap on the “gear” icon.

A screenshot of the backend of Instagram Settings

Next, scroll to the “switch to business profile option.” Then follow the prompts to connect your Facebook business page. That’s it!

Sue B Zimmerman scrolls down to Instagram settings to select “switch to business account.”

Why Make the Switch to a Business Account?

Whereas personal accounts tend to have more basic features, Instagram business accounts have a ton of business-friendly features, like analytics, quick replies, contact info and the swipe up feature. Learn more about these advanced settings below.

#1 Insights

Instagram uses the same powerful analytics tools like Facebook. That means you can go beyond vanity metrics, such as “likes” and random comments, to better understand how to improve your account. Taking a look at your insights is easy.

Tap on the horizontal bars. Then, select “insights.”

Sue B Zimmerman shows the backend of her Instagram business settings.

Using insights you can see:

  • Top locations
  • When your followers are most active
  • Highest performing content on your feed
  • Top locations
  • Demographics of your followers
  • Stories that are getting the most engagement

Really when it comes down to it, having access to your insights is one of the biggest advantages of switching to a business account. Whether it’s understanding who your followers are or when to share content so you get as many eyeballs on your content.

#2 Quick Replies

When you’re trying to manage a business on Instagram, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by direct messages (DMs). Luckily, with a business account, quick replies can help. Rather than constantly typing the same response, the quick reply feature allows you to create canned responses.

A screenshot of Sue B Zimmerman’s DM where she is sharing a quick reply with a potential customer.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Not to worry, I cover everything you need to know about quick replies here.

#3 Contact Info

Even if you don’t have a physical store, people need to know how to get in touch with you. An Instagram business profile includes a “contact” button at the top of your feed. You have the option to include directions, a phone number and an email address in your bio.  

 A screenshot of the Home Edit’s Instagram feed, which includes their contact info at the top.

Another perk of a business account is the option to share shoppable stickers and shoppable posts in Stories. Have you always wanted to sell on Instagram? Now is the time! If you’re not sure how to sell on Instagram, get all the info you need to share shoppable posts and sell in Stories.

An Instagram post has several shoppable stickers so people can easily tap and buy.

#4 Swipe Up

One of the most exciting updates to Instagram for businesses was the opportunity to have followers “swipe up.” What does that mean? Instead of being limited to the link in your bio, business accounts can include links in their Instagram Stories – so it’s easier to nudge people to your website, blog post or other content.

A screenshot of the Poor Little It Girl Instagram Story, which has a swipe up feature.

Right now this feature is limited to accounts with over 10,000 followers or are verified. But there is a possibility that it could roll out to all business accounts in the future.

If you don’t have the swipe up feature, you can still get creative with your CTA in stories. One of my favorite strategies is to ask people to reach out to me in the DM for the link. This is an easy way to spark a conversation. If you have quick replies, it takes almost no time to respond.

Sue B Zimmerman asks people to reach out to her in the DM.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Instagram Bots

There’s a not so new trend that’s still popping up across Instagram … bots. For those are who aren’t familiar, Instagram bots have the capability to follow other accounts, like posts and leave comments on selected accounts.

In short, they’re really, really obnoxious.

While it’s tempting to use bots to grow your account, they ultimately hurt your engagement. If you post great content and stories that are valuable, then you’re account will grow organically. Plus, people will be happy not to see your bot spam.

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