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How to Create an Instagram Brand Strategy

I see it a lot. Gorgeous website, beautifully marketed services and products, but a mish-mash of photos and lack of branding on Instagram. Don’t do that! It’s time to bring in all of the unique branding you use everywhere else to your Instagram feed.

With so many new features, creative tools, and trends, sometimes it can feel like you’re trying everything to grab your Instagram follower’s attention. While it’s good to flex your creativity muscles, having a brand strategy will help you stand out from your competition. Plus, when people recognize your content they’re more likely to stop in their scroll. Here are the top five ways you can create a brand strategy on Instagram. 

#1 Share in All of the Instagram Neighborhoods 

I’ve been saying it for awhile now – having a strong Instagram strategy requires you sharing content in the four Instagram Instagram neighborhoods: Instagram feed, Instagram Stories, IGTV, and Instagram Live. Everybody has a preferred neighborhood, so if you’re consistently active you are more likely to catch people’s attention. 

No matter where someone lands, the essence of your brand should show through. This strategy is one of the best ways to build brand equity. With almost a billion users on Instagram, it’s no longer an option … building recognition for your brand is a must. 

One account that has mastered how to keep branding consistent is Planoly. Whether it’s the photos they share in their Instagram feed or Instagram Stories templates, Planoly’s content is easy to recognize for new and loyal followers. 

Planoly’s beige-toned Instagram Story that says “new on the planoly blog.”

#2 Zoom in on the Instagram Visual Details 

Great content isn’t made with one sweeping strategy, it’s all about the visual details when you’re trying to create an Instagram brand strategy. These subtle touches, which might seem small at first, make a lot of difference for building your Instagram brand strategy. 

Branding on Instagram has two components: 

  • Visual aspect of your Instagram content 
  • Tone of your copy 

When you zoom in on those details, you’ll find that it’s easier to create one-of-a-kind content that feels authentic to your brand. Here are the top four things to keep in mind that should always stay consistent: 

  • Font colors 
  • Placement/size of text 
  • Text spacing 
  • Symbols, emojis, and Gifs 

Before you hit “post,” always double check that these creative details are consistent. If you need inspiration, I suggest checking out Mega Babe’s Instagram account. They are always using upbeat, fun captions to reflect the mission of their brand. Plus, if you’re someone who struggles with sharing product photos consistently, they have a ton of great ideas. 

A woman stands outside of the photo balancing megababe on her fingertips.

#3 Make Your Instagram Background Pop

With all of this talk about details, it’s important to remind you about the background of your Instagram photos. I know, it’s a lot to focus on but hear me out. Sometimes the first thing someone notices about your Instagram photo is your background. That’s why it always needs to be on brand. 

Not to worry if you’re stuck on Instagram backgrounds because I have a hack. Rather than trying to save a bunch of backgrounds in your camera roll, reuse one of your existing photos. Here’s how you do it. 

  • First, find a photo that has your preferred background

Sue B Zimmerman smiles from her Instagram photo that has a bright blue background.

  • Then, zoom in on the background to take another screenshot 

A zoomed in shot of Sue B Zimmerman’s Instagram photo shows a textured blue background.

Boom! That’s all you have to do. Now you can save that background in your camera roll and use it in your Instagram Stories. 

Preview.App is another account that always has great Instagram backgrounds. While their brand might use a rainbow pattern, they typically use the same background color for their daily Instagram Stories. Preview.App stays true to their branding, without making their Instagram Stories feel like a hodgepodge of color. 

Preview.App’s Instagram Story with a lime green background and white-blocked text.

#4 Got a Potty Mouth? Go Ahead, Put it in Instagram Captions 

Sure, your Instagram feed or Instagram Story might grab someone’s attention, but it’s your caption that makes them engage. Think about it. How many times have you seen an amazing Instagram photo, but lost interest when you saw the lackluster caption? Right! Sharing your authentic self needs to be part of what you create with your brand strategy on Instagram.

One of the best ways to share consistent Instagram captions is to stay true to your brand’s voice. Maybe you don’t have a potty mouth like me, but I’m sure your brand has a preferred tone. If you want to make your Instagram captions more recognizable, I also suggest using symbols or emojis. 

Whatever you prefer, make sure it actually sounds like you. Take a look at Ashley Longshore Art as an example. Not only is Ashley hilarious, but her potty mouth is on-point. She knows exactly what her followers want to see, and she always brings that energy with every Instagram caption. 

Ashley Longshore’s Instagram caption captures her upbeat tone and hilarious potty mouth.

#5 Add Eye-Catching Style to Your Instagram Descriptions

Just like your tone, the style of your Instagram descriptions needs to grab people’s attention. While some people prefer a long blog-style posts, I find it’s more helpful to break up the text with spaces and symbols. 

Whenever I post an Instagram description, here are the rules I follow: 

  • Add a dash after my username 
  • Share a title/hook as my opening sentence
  • Space out text with white spaces/emojis 
  • End with a strong call-to-action 
  • Include my top five signature hashtags
  • Break up the other hashtags with a word or asterisks 

This is what my Instagram captions look like when they’re posted. 

Sue B Zimmerman’s Instagram caption is broken up with dashes, white spaces and symbols.

Instagram Feeling Crowded? Captions Can Help You Stand Out

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