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How To Get More Likes On Instagram With Post Notifications

Do you want more Instagram engagement from your followers?  Sure you do!

An easy way to increase your likes and comments is to encourage your followers to turn on post notifications for your account in Instagram.  Each time you post something subscribers will get a push notification acknowledging your latest pic.

Prompt your followers to turn the notifications on for your account by creating a graphic with a call to action.  Give explicit directions followers can easily understand.

Steps to Turn on Post Notifications:
1. Go to the bio of the account you are interested in
2. Tap on the 3 dots in the top right hand corner
3. Click turn on post notifications. Voila!  Done!
I’ve had success with this on my account @TheInstagramExpert by creating a graphic in the app Wordswag to visually communicate the call-to-action.

Don’t want to miss anything from me #TheInstagramGal? Turn on notifications for @theinstagramexpert and @suebzimmerman  to consistently see what we are doing as we post it out to the world.  You will be in the know, catching relevant information first and able to share that content out to your followers quickly.

I guarantee if you can help your followers make this update, your account WILL get more engagement and therefore you will get closer to your Instagram business goals!

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