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How To Get People To Watch Your Instagram Live

Do you use Instagram Live but don’t get many views? Or maybe you want to start using Instagram Live but don’t know what you will talk about? Instagram Live is a powerful marketing tool that can strengthen your relationship with your followers and help you meet your business goals.

Learn how to get people to watch your Instagram Live videos so you can increase your engagement and connect with your ideal followers. 

What to Share on Instagram Live

Like Instagram Stories, using Instagram Live provides almost endless opportunities to creatively share your business. But with all of these possibilities for Instagram Live, it’s important to think strategically about which content is going to compel your followers to keep tuning in. Whether you’re sharing a sneak peek of a special event or a weekly blog update, Instagram Live is a great place to build buzz about your business.

If you’re nervous about going live or just need a quick refresher, check out this Youtube video on everything you need to know for your first Instagram live broadcast.

Announce and Promote Your Instagram Live Video

If you’re hoping to get as many eyeballs as possible on your Instagram Live broadcast, you need to start by announcing it to your followers. This is especially true if you’re new to sharing on Instagram Live and are not sharing on a consistent schedule. If you want people to tune in, they need a heads up.

Think of your Instagram Live as a mini campaign:

  • Decide on a theme for your Instagram Live broadcast
  • Write out a script
  • Practice A LOT before you actually go live

Once you’ve decided on these important details, it’s time to use one of your best tools: Instagram Stories. About 24 hours before your broadcast, start sharing Instagram Stories clips and graphics that let people know:

  • Time/date of the broadcast
  • Main topic you’ll discuss
  • Other important info that encourages them to watch


Sue B Zimmerman shares an Instagram Stories clip to promote her live stream


Another interesting way to promote your Instagram Live broadcast is with interactive Instagram Stories stickers. While many people have a tendency to quickly tap through Instagram Stories, adding creative elements allow you to grab their attention and get instant feedback.

Take this Instagram question sticker I recently shared for example. While promoting my upcoming Instagram Live broadcast I also wanted to learn about my followers top-of-mind concerns for YouTube filming prep. Because I asked the question ahead of time, I was able to use my Instagram Live to address their specific concerns.

Sue B Zimmerman uses Instagram question sticker to promote Instagram Live video

You can also use the Instagram polls sticker. Using this interactive sticker is a great way to entice your followers to actively participate in your Instagram Stories. Plus, you can share those results during your Instagram Live. Your followers love to see that you value their input and are much more likely to engage with your Instagram Stories in the future.

Sue B Zimmerman shares an Instagram stories clip to promote her upcoming live stream.

Ninja Tip: Give people a minute to tune in to your Instagram Live

This allows you to have more viewers before you dive into your content. Plus, you can pin your first comment, which should be a description of your Instagram Live broadcast, so people know what you’re talking about.
Sue B Zimmerman shows how to use Instagram Direct Message to share an Instagram live stream
Remember that old (and yes, slightly overused) expression that it takes two to tango? Well, the same is true if you’re trying to maximize your viewers on an Instagram Live. By inviting another person to join you live, you can double your opportunity to reach more people.

But before you send out a ton of emails asking people to join you, consider which individuals are the best fit for your business:

  • Are they in your niche industry?
  • What about happy customers who can share their experience working with you?

Whoever they are, your live stream guest should provide value to your viewers.

When you find the right person to join you live, make sure to coordinate ahead of time. Even small details, like reminding them to sit in a quiet and well-lit space, will make them more confident for the broadcast. You should also discuss:

  • The goal of their appearance
  • How long they should expect to be live
  • Strategies for promoting the live broadcast through their Instagram channel (including feed images and Instagram Stories)

Ready to go live with a guest? It’s simple. There are two ways for someone to join you on an Instagram Live.

#1 Your featured guest can request to join by tapping on “request to join”

Sue B Zimmerman shares how to respond to an Instagram Live guest request

#2 You can scroll to find the live viewer and then tap to send them an invite

How to Save Your Instagram Live Broadcast for 24 Hours

Another great thing about Instagram Live videos is that you can continue to share them after 24 hours. To make the most of your live stream, you’ll want to save it to Instagram Stories. Here’s how you do it:

#1 Tap on end broadcast in the top right corner


Sue B Zimmerman shares how to end an Instagram live stream

#2 Tap on share

Sue B Zimmerman shares how to analyze viewing analytics on an Instagram Live stream

#3 Now your video will be shared in your Instagram Stories

Sue B Zimmerman shares her home feed with a notification about a new live video

Want to Feel More Confident Using Instagram Live for Your Business?

Hopefully, this blog post has given you the boost you need to have an amazing live broadcast. If you’re looking for more tools to use before you go live, be sure to download my complete checklist to help you prep for your Instagram Live. It’s all the tools that I use and everything that I do to help me reach thousands of business owners every single week.

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