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How to Use Instagram for Life and Business Coaches

When you are a life or business coach on Instagram it is extremely important to have a strategy when initially setting up your account. That means putting thought into how you choose a username, write your bio, and what link to drive traffic to.

Also, you should make your username something that aligns with your other account names so that you are easily searchable. Here are a few tips to help you in creating an awesome Instagram account.

Make your bio fun and unique. Have it reflect your brand and your personality. Make sure to highlight key words that describe who you are and what you do—a quick look at your profile should show someone why they should be following you!

Do you run promotions or send out a newsletter? Make sure you include a link in your bio, and remember that you can always switch it out for another. Rotate the link every so often to point followers to a different part of your business

Make sure what you post is a true likeness of what your brand represents. This is how people will form connections and bonds with you to become valuable buzz agents and potential clients. For instance, if you are a wellness and lifestyle coach you should show yourself coaching, being active, and working out.

Give the people what they want! Judge what you should post more of based on the number of ‘likes’ you are receiving. If your gym pictures are receiving the most ‘likes’, then post more of them!

Create custom hashtags of your own to create spaces where pictures can be found that are only associated with your business too. Make sure to use hashtags as that is how people will find you and also how you can associate your brand with content that’s going to reflect highly of you.

Use, a website that enables you to graphically analyze every single thing that’s going on with your account. There you can see anything from which filters are creating the most interactions and what hashtags.

Engage: Instagram is an extremely effective tool for getting the attention of people that you are trying to connect to, thought leaders, or people that inspire you. Instagram is fantastic for giving shoutouts to people that you admire and engaging with others. Instagram is different than other social media sites because if you do get through to one of these people, they are not only seeing your kind words but they also have a face to associate with the words.

When you share who you are, what you’re passionate about, reach out to people, comment on other people’s posts, and give yourself and your expertise to help others, the business and the notoriety will follow.

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