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How to Use Instagram on Your Computer: Desktop Updates to Easily Update Your Account Settings

Using Instagram™ on your desktop computer is going to help you manage your business account easily. It can also be a big relief to use your big screen, have your mouse or trackpad, and be able to quickly dig into what you want to accomplish on your Instagram™ account.
Keep reading this blog post to discover all the ways you can manage your Instagram™ on your computer.   In this blog post:

How to Use Instagram™ on Your Computer

If you’re anything like me, your eyes are sore at the end of the day from squinting and looking at your phone. But there’s an easier way that puts less strain on your eyes. Yes, I’m talking about managing your Instagram™ account from your computer.  While Instagram™ still doesn’t allow you to post from your computer, there are a ton of features that you can manage from your desktop. That includes replying to your Instagram™ content, viewing saved posts, and replying to Instagram™ Direct Messages.   Sue B Zimmerman's Instagram feed from her desktop.  Although it doesn’t completely replace all the features of the Instagram™ mobile app, managing from your desktop does have its perks. 

How to Use Instagram™ on Your Computer: Edit Your Instagram™ Profile

First, you can update your Instagram™ profile in a snap. This is something that I do every Monday when I update the link in my bio with my latest YouTube video.  Sue B. Zimmermans Instagram bio from the desktop. While updating your Instagram™ bio might not be at the top of your to-do list, it’s important that it’s always up to date. After all, it is the billboard for your profile, including the hashtags you use Sue B. Tip: Make your Instagram™ bio box bigger! Just click and drag on the corner of the text box to create a larger text window that’s easier to type in. 

How to Use Instagram™ on Your Computer: Reply to Instagram™ Direct Messages

Another advantage to using your computer is how easy it is to manage your Direct Message inbox. In case you don’t know already, using Direct Messages can be a secret weapon to growing your business on Instagram™. That’s why it should be part of your daily Instagram™ management. Even though you can’t use quick replies from your desktop, a daily check in from your desktop is an easy way to make sure you never miss a message. 

Final Tip for Managing Your Instagram™ Profile on Your Computer

As busy business owners, it can feel like we’re always rushing to check things off our to-do list. Using Instagram on your computer can be a huge time saver. But I encourage you to make sure you’re still checking into the app on your phone.  Using Instagram™ on your phone will allow you to easily conduct market research and ensure you’re sharing authentic content. You’re more than an Instagram avatar, and consistently using the app reminds people that there’s a real person behind your brand. 

Finally a Solution for Content Creation

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