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Instagram For Business: Content You Should Be Sharing

What do all your favorite brands on Instagram have in common? They are hyper-focused on only sharing content that is relevant to their business. Whether it’s a snapshot of their newest product or a smiling customer, the mission of their brand is undeniable and clear. But with an endless amount of picture possibilities, you might struggle to decide which content to share. Discover the type of content that will provide the most value for your business, and the snapshots that belong only on your personal account.

Good to share

 Before you delve into how you can proactively promote your business on Instagram, it’s important that you create an Instagram account that is specifically focused on your business. Unlike your personal account, which can include anything and everything, a business account gives you an opportunity to foster relationships with your customers and grow your brand. Here are five types of content to share:

1. Employees

Customers love to connect with their favorite businesses and brands on Instagram. Tap into this interest with behind-the-scenes images of your business. Show the personal side of your brand with pictures of your employees. Whether you grab a #Deskie of an employee celebrating his or her birthday or just a celebration of a great day at the store, people will love to see the fun side of your business.

2. Your Happy Customers

Don’t be afraid to get your customers in on the fun. If your store bags include your logo, take a picture of your customer showing it off. Are they walking out of the store in a newly purchased hat or outfit? Grab a shot of that, too. If customers know that you’re active on Instagram, they’re much more likely to follow you and share your business with others.

3. Products


Instagram is the perfect platform to showcase your one-of-a-kind products and services. Make a habit of taking stock of the products that you think will be the most eye-catching for your customers. A good snapshot often provides customers with the nudge they need to come in and buy.

Adam: Full time iOS Engineer. Part time product model. Here he is with one of our Giant Photostrips ✨

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4. Events

 As a business owner, you likely attend conferences and other events to network and share your insights. Bring your customers along for the experience with a snapshot of you at the event. When I speak at conferences, I always make an effort to take a photo of myself with the attendees in the background. Customers will thrive on the high-energy your photo gives off, and it shows your dynamic speaking skills as a business owner.

5. Resources

 It’s undeniable that books, podcasts, and other resources are great tools to help you grow your business. Share your knowledge with your customers with a photo of your favorite resources. Not only will customers appreciate the share, but it can also start a meaningful conversation about their favorite resources too.

6.Favorite business-relevant quotes

 No one can deny that running your own business is tough, and sometimes we need a little inspiration to push us through. Share your #InstaInspiration with your followers, and give them a peek at what motivates you. Just remember, try to select a quote that is also applicable to your business.

7. Your Character

At the end of the day it’s all about being consistent. Last year this time I was teaching full-time and I really I wanted to change my life. Now one year later I’m living my dreams and it’s not impossible as I thought it was. Please click on the link on my bio to find out how to join my mentoring group it’s free right now for you to try out –motivation , inspiration and how to live a life of your dreams.
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8. Behind the Scenes

Share pictures or video from behind the scenes of everyday business work! Your followers want to see into your world!

And that’s how it’s done. | Team effort with founder @callicholo, account coordinator @ericaaulds, & account executive @marissacstahl #BloguettesInstaCamp
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What not to share

Now that you know what to share on your business account, here are a few images that are best for your personal account. Avoid content that is overtly personal, such as family photos, your workout routine, or updates on your recent vacation. These images don’t add value for your customers, and can actually detract attention from the other important content that will help you grow your business.

Cross-over content

While overly personal snapshots do not belong on your business account, sometimes content can work on both your business and personal account. Did your business reach a special milestone or receive an award? Do you have a success story you want to share? These images can work because, despite their personal touch, they are still relevant to the mission of your business.

If you’re still unsure if content is too personal to share on your business account, take a moment and consider “how would I react if I saw this image on X account.” If you still think it’s too personal, don’t share it as part of your Instagram business strategy.

Focus on your brand

There’s a #ShitTon of content you can share on Instagram. No matter what you choose to share, make sure your content is consistent and focused on promoting your brand and/or business. For more tips and strategies, download my free Instagram Strategy Guide.

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