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Instagram Conversions: What It Means and How to Make Money Doing It

Are you asking yourself: What is a conversion on Instagram? Why does it matter? How do you make money doing it? Why does it seem difficult? I’m here to break down what an Instagram conversion is, why conversions matters for your business, and how to make sure you’re making an impact every time you post on Instagram. 

What is a Conversion on Instagram?

First things first, what is a conversion on Instagram? Simply put, a conversion on Instagram is the number of followers who take action after you share content. It’s not your bottom-line profits, but the general actions you want people to take. 

Conversions on Instagram might include asking your followers to: 

  • Reach out in the Instagram direct message
  • Leave a comment on your Instagram post
  • Join your email list 

It’s what you want people to do. For example, in this Instagram post I asked people to share their superpower. Overall, I received about 55 comments on the post. Notice that I didn’t ask people to take a big action or try to sell them something. 

Sue B Zimmerman’s Instagram post includes a call-to-action asking people to leave a comment.

Bottom line: Not every Instagram post is about selling your product. In fact, if you’re doing it right people won’t even realize you’re making a sales pitch. Keeping up strong engagement and connecting with your followers is the best way to build long-lasting customer relationships and work smarter (not harder) with the Instagram algorithm 

CEC: Content Engagement Conversion

With your new knowledge about conversions on Instagram you might feel ready to share, share, share. Well, a conversion on Instagram is only as good as the content you share. That’s why my SBZ team has adopted the CEC method: Content Engagement Conversion. 

In every Instagram post we share, we’re always focused on sharing epic information. This is content that my followers can only find on my Instagram account and drives real engagement. We don’t just sit back and post awesome photos, Instagram Stories, and IGTV episodes. It’s important that you make time every day to respond to conversations, questions, or whatever else might pop up. 

Once you’ve shown people that you’re a real person (not just an avatar) the conversions on Instagram are much more likely to happen. It’s simple, but people love to feel like they’re actually talking to a real human being and not having a one-way conversation. 

If you’re trying to connect with your followers, but still feel like it’s a one-sided conversation, I recommend fine-tuning your Instagram account. Watch this YouTube video to learn how to create a business account on Instagram. 

How Can You Get More Conversions on Instagram?

Instagram isn’t a one-size-fits-all social platform. What works for one industry niche, might not necessarily work well in another. Give yourself time to experiment with different content and captions to discover the content that captures your followers attention. 

Even as you’re experimenting with different photo styles and Instagram Stories, there are five best practices that you should follow if you want conversions on Instagram. 

#1 Consistently Post on Instagram

Consistency is important for business, and Instagram is no exception. Post on a regular basis so people expect to see your Instagram content. Maybe it’s posting on your feed around the same time each day or having a designated day and time to go Live on Instagram. 

For example, I share my weekly YouTube videos on Instagram every Monday morning. Since my followers expect that I’ll share this content, they’re more likely to stop in their scroll when they see it in their Instagram feed. 

Sue B Zimmerman’s Instagram post featuring her weekly YouTube video.

If you struggle to remember to post on Instagram, I suggest setting a calendar reminder. You can also use one of my favorite scheduling tools Planoly.

#2 Regularly Use Instagram Stories

Over 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day … that’s a lot of potential eyeballs on your content. If you’re not already sharing in Instagram Stories, you better start now. Even if you don’t have the swipe up feature, you can creatively use Instagram Stories to encourage people to take action. Just make sure your Instagram bio link is always up-to-date. 

Sue B Zimmerman’s Instagram Story highlights her top ten branding tips.

#3 Engage with Your Followers Often

Like I said before, engagement is fundamental on Instagram. I mean, it’s how the Instagram algorithm is calculated. That means you need to do it. You will be amazed at the impact of a comment, direct message, or other interactions on Instagram. Put time on your calendar every single day to engage. 

Sue B Zimmerman’s Instagram post includes lots of back and forth comments.

#4 Update Your Instagram Bio

Think of the Instagram bio as the homepage of your website. If your bio is out-of-date or not aesthetically pleasing, what does that say about your Instagram account? Why would anyone want to explore your content? Your bio should always include a description of your business/services, how to contact you, and an up-to-date link.

Sue B Zimmerman’s Instagram bio.

If you’re a service-based business, you probably want people to know how to contact you. If you’re a product-based business, check out this YouTube video to discover how you can confidently sell on Instagram. 

#5 Encourage People to Reach Out in the Instagram Direct Message

If engaging in the Instagram feed helps you drive conversions, just wait until the magic unfolds in the direct message. People underestimate how direct messages can help businesses and brands connect with their followers. For example, you can follow up about a question someone left in the direct message. The conversation goes from being general, to more intimate and customer-oriented. 

Sue B Zimmerman’s Instagram direct message quick reply to a follower.

And to save yourself time in the Instagram direct message, especially if you’re getting the same question a lot, use the quick reply feature. I break down everything you need to know about quick reply in this YouTube video

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Ultimately, if you’re a brand or business who’s focused on Instagram conversions, you want to meet (and exceed) your business goals. That’s why I created my FREE Instagram Strategy Guide. If you’ve been wondering how to grow your online community and increase your revenues with Instagram, this is the guide you need.  

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