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Instagram Reels Strategy to Save Time & Grow Your Account

Ever feel like Reels are taking up way too much of your time? Or that you’re in the weeds every week trying to come up with posts? We’ve got your back with a simple process that’s not just a time-saver but also cranks up the quality of your content.

Reels are like your secret weapon for growing your business. They have great placement on the app, and often have more reach than your regular posts or stories. Today, we’re getting into the nitty-gritty of building a process, specifically for creating Reels for your business.

Getting clear on what your commitment is to Instagram and making a few key decisions about your posting schedule can pay off big time.

As a business owner who has so many roles in your business, without concretely defining what you have to create on social media, you’ll probably end up feeling like you are caught on the social media hamster wheel. Let’s dive into the 3 questions you need to answer to get started on setting up a Reel process.

The First Question to Ask Yourself

With clients in our PRO program and on our training, we always kick this off with this first question – How many Reels can you realistically do each week?

First, your current bandwidth. Assess your resources. Consistency is key in social media, so it’s important to commit to a schedule that you can realistically manage. It’s better to post fewer times a week and show up reliably than to post and then ghost. 

It’s crucial to maintain a balance between the quality and quantity of posts. High-quality, relevant content is more likely to engage your audience than a large quantity of low-quality posts  Now, this doesn’t mean that high production is required for high quality…or that every post should take you hours to create. 

Finally, know that you will eventually want to plan for a variety of content types and themes (educational, promotional, engaging) to keep your audience interested and engaged. There are different types of Reels, AND Reels will probably not be the only posts you are creating. So when determining what you commit to it’s important to consider how much effort or how comfortable you are with the steps. 

Exactly, Often time with clients in our PRO program, we suggest you start with posting just 3x a week if you are brand new to Instagram. If you have more experience on Instagram and have the bandwidth to create more, great! But when you are learning the mechanics and a new process, the important thing is to START.  Go ahead and put in the comments below the number of posts you are going to start with? 2, 3, 4 – I want to see you declare your plan!

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Question 2: Committing to a Posting Schedule

What days are you posting? Maybe it’s twice a week, like Mondays and Wednesdays, so you can handle comments and engage with your audience. Choose days that work for you, and don’t forget to share those Reels to your stories. 

This is important because you are probably doing a lot of different things in your business…so you control what days make most sense for you.  

We’ve found with our clients who didn’t grow up on social media, that it is best to first decide what schedule is going to work for you. There is so much to learn when you are first trying to understand what to post and how to post and so if we also overcomplicate things, it can often mean you end up quitting before you even start to see results. 

That is why making this commitment reasonable at first is the most important thing…especially if you are just starting out. You can always increase your posting frequency when you are acing it! 

Question 3: What types of Reels will you make? 

There are SO MANY OPTIONS on how to create on Instagram, picking and sticking to something can help decrease decision fatigue. 

We split Reels into two different types for our students. Reels with Original audio, like talking to the camera, and “Reality reels” with Instagram Audio. If you watch us on youtube (link at the top) we show a couple different Reels with the types to help clarify.

An account can get a good amount of traction by starting with these two formats. 

You can mix it up—to present your business in different ways to attract viewers. But deciding briefly on a format can help you get posting faster. If these types are new to you, we’ve got a whole video on Instagram audio dropping soon, so stay tuned!

Once your schedule is set—how many posts, what days, and what type of format—then you are more clear and more organized when you post.  You’ll be able to batch these posts, and make more than one at a time to work smarter. 

Next Steps

Putting together a process that works for you is so important. It will help tremendously with showing up each week, growing those followers and buyers from Instagram. And to do that, your posting plan has to fit into your life and make sense to you!

That’s just the start – if you’re eager to explore more ways to get customers from Instagram in just a few hours per week, check out our free training!

You’ll walk away with 5 features any small business owner can use today to drive traffic and start making sales (even with a small following)… and so much more!

See you there 🙂

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