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Instagram Stories Create Mode Update (Easily Get Creative With Stories Templates)

Watch out, Instagram Stories update coming in hot! The Create mode in Instagram Stories is going to help you share engaging content with fun prompts and templates. 

Everyone falls into a creative creative rut. But with Create mode you can always find inspiration for unique, top-of-mind content that keeps your followers coming back. Ready to get started? Here are the nine ways you can use Create mode right now. 

What is Create Mode?

First, let me give you some more context about create mode. With this update you can now combine stickers, drawings, and text without sharing a photo or video. 

If you struggle to share engaging Instagram Stories, this update could be a game changer for you. Plus, with all of the creative possibilities you can hyper-personalize Stories to align perfectly with your brand. 

Here’s how to find creative mode:

  • First, open Instagram Stories 
  • Then, toggle to the left to pick “create”

Now, you can use all of the create mode features. 

#1 Doodle or Type

Create mode has a ton of fun ways to incorporate more text and doodles into your Instagram Story. Sometimes a quick handwritten note is the perfect way to personalize your Story. 

A black Instagram Stories screen with white text that says “tap to type.”

In an effort to build greater brand awareness, I suggest trying to stick to your brand’s colors. While it doesn’t have to spot-on, it should be clear that your Instagram Story is tied in with your larger brand aesthetic. 

When possible, try to use your brand colors for your text.

#2 GIFs

No matter how you pronounce it, GIFs are widely popular on Instagram Stories. Beyond the fact that they’re funny, GIFs can actually be an easy way to build connections with your followers. 

A magenta Instagram Stories screen that shows the default Gif option and a text box that says “add a GIF to your Story.”

Once you’ve picked your GIF, you can add doodles or text to align it with your brand. Just tap on next. Then you pick the writing tool at the top. Now your own creative spin with doodles and drawing. 

#3 Graphic Templates and Prompts

When you find yourself in a creative rut, it can seem difficult (if not impossible) to create engaging Instagram Stories. That’s why the Instagram templates and prompts are really helpful. 

An Instagram Story template that lists three options to rank your top pizza toppings.

While they don’t replace your unique brand or business content, they are a great way to drum up more conversation. Just tap on the dice at the top of the screen to see all of the template options. 

An Instagram Story template that looks like a white notepad and says “quick draw challenge.” An arrow is pointing to the dice option at the top of the screen.

#4 @ Mentions

You’re probably familiar with Instagram tagging and how it can help you expand your follower reach. With the create mode it’s even easier to highlight when you’re tagged. 

An Instagram Story screenshot with a blue background that tags Sue B Zimmerman.

If you are tagged in multiple Stories, you’ll see an option to see multiple Instagram Stories at the top of your screen. Just tap on to share your other tagged Stories and choose the one that you want. 

Instagram Story Create mode that shows all of the accounts that have tagged Sue B Zimmerman.

#5 On This Day

If you love to see how much your Instagram strategy has changed or share some fun throwback content, then you’re going to love the “on this day” option. 

Instagram Story Create mode with an orange background and a photo from one year ago that shows Sue B Zimmerman holding a phone to promote a blog post.

Tap on the dice if you want to see all of the post options you’ve shared over the past few years. 

#6 Polls

Polls are one of the easiest ways to get your audience to engage. People love to share their opinions, especially if they’re invested in your brand. 

An Instagram Story Create mode poll that asks “should I start a blog” with a thumbs up or thumbs down option.

Shake things up with the dice if you need some inspiration. Don’t forget, you can also tap on the circle at the bottom right of your screen if you want to change the background color. 

#7 Question Sticker

If you’ve spent any time in Instagram Stories, this creative tool should look familiar to you. Unlike your typical Instagram Stories question sticker, Create mode gives you some ideas of questions to ask. 

An Instagram Story Create question sticker that asks “What song should I listen to.”

There are so many ways to engage your audience with the question sticker. That’s why it’s one of my favorite Instagram Story features. This sticker can help you figure out future Instagram content and get to know your audience. 

#8 Countdown Sticker

The countdown sticker is perfect if you’re trying to express urgency or build hype. While the options in Create mode are more limited than in regular Instagram Stories, it is a fun way to mix up your Instagram Story. 

An Instagram Story Create countdown sticker that says “school’s out” with a bell emoji.

#9 Quiz Options

If you’re stuck knowing what to ask your audience, I suggest using Create mode’s quiz options. Go ahead and tap through the dice for some inspiration. 

An Instagram Story Create quiz option that says “guess my favorite pizza topping” with a pizza slice emoji.

This is when you can see if your audience really knows a lot about you and your business. 

How to Use a Branded Filter in Instagram Stories

If you’re struggling to incorporate more of your brand’s color palette into your Instagram Stories, you need to try this tip. Here’s how to apply a filter in a few steps: 

  • First, open up Instagram Stories and pick a photo 

An Instagram Story photo that shows a videographer and Mr. Cody in the living room of Sue B Zimmerman’s apartment.

  • Then, tap on the writing tool 

An Instagram Story photo that shows a white arrow pointing to the writing tool.

  • Next, pick your brand color – try to keep it as light as possible so you can still see the photo 

An Instagram Story photo that the color palette with the color purple selected.

  • Next up, tap on the calligraphy tool 

An Instagram Story photo that shows a white arrow pointing to the writing tool.

  • Finally, hold your finger down on the screen to apply the filter 

An Instagram Story photo with a light purple filter.

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