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Instagram Stories Update to Brand Your Stories with Updated Fonts and Text Options

Are you using text on your Instagram™ Stories? Well, you should be. In fact, 85% of users watch Instagram™ on silent. Meaning, if you do not have text or captions on your Instagram™ Stories, you will lose your followers’ attention and they will swipe on over to the next person’s content.
Keep reading to discover how to use the Instagram™ Stories updated fonts and three Stories font best practices you should always keep in mind.  In this blog post: 

Why Instagram™ Stories Fonts Matter

Ask a graphic designer why fonts matter and you’ll get an earful. But here’s what you need to know: fonts are a reflection of your brand or business. When you use fonts consistently, especially on Instagram™ Stories, you’ll stay memorable and top of mind Just like your logo and brand colors, fonts are an easy way to make your content instantly recognizable to your followers. Even using one of your brand colors for the background of your font is an impactful way to make your content more cohesive. Here are the four Instagram™ Stories updated fonts. 

New Font #1: Comic Sans

Now, let’s dive into the four new Instagram™ Stories fonts. First up is Comic Sans. A very common font for memes, Comic Sans font offers a fun, upbeat vibe to any Instagram™ Story.  Sue B Zimmerman shares an Instagram Story with her wearing a pink top in front of a colorful painting with the text Sue B over it. For example, when I shared a week-long Instagram™ Stories series I used Comic Sans to mark each day. While it’s a subtle design choice, it added consistency to the series throughout the campaign.   Sue B Zimmerman's Instagram Story has a pink border around a photo of her sitting at her desk with text that says tagging best practices #learnwithsueb.

New Font #2: Chic Serif

Next up, let’s talk about a font that adds a dash of sophistication: Chic Serif font.  Sue B Zimmerman shares an Instagram Story that shows her smiling and wearing a teal blouse in front of a colorful painting with text that says Sue overlapping it. Take a look at how the Nest at Truth Farms uses Chic Serif to add a touch of elegance to their Instagram™ Stories. This font is the perfect choice for a wedding venue that prides itself on providing a luxury experience. Nest at Truth Farm's Instagram Story shows bouquets of flowers with text overlaying it that says @rlovefloral is here.

New Font #3: Sans Serif

Similarly, if you’re looking for a font that’s easy to read, try the new Sans Serif font. Only available in all caps, Sans Serif is arguably the most popular of the new font options. Sue B Zimmerman's Instagram Story shows her posing in a hallway with a bright pink dress on and a hand on her hip and the other hand in the air. Even though the default for the Sans Serif font is black, it’s easy to change the block color to reflect your brand. Just make sure that the text is still readable with the color you pick.  Sue B Zimmerman shares an Instagram Story that shows her wearing a straw hat and striped top as she points to text that says Instagram Story system.

New Font #4: Classic Serif

Lastly, let’s talk about the crisp, classic Serif font. Unlike Sans Serif font, the classic Serif can be all caps and over a colored background.  Sue B Zimmerman shares an Instagram Story of her smiling in front of her stylized bookcase. Alexa Fueled Naturally, for example, uses classic Serif in almost all of her Instagram™ Stories. Like most Instagram users, Alexa knows that her followers are likely watching her Stories on mute. The classic Serif font is an easy way for her to add closed captions or highlight the main points of her Stories.  Alexa Fueled Naturally's Instagram Story shows cauliflower dipped in her vegan batter.

3 Best Practices for Choosing Instagram™ Fonts

Wow, with so many fonts to choose from you never have an excuse for bland Instagram™ Stories again. But before you try to use the fonts all at once, here are three best practices to keep in mind.  #1 Don’t distract from the text by adding too many Gifs or Instagram™ Stories stickers.  #2 Make sure your Instagram™ Stories text is big enough to read.  #3 Don’t mix too many type styles in your Instagram™ Stories. 

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