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Prepping for Your First Instagram Professional Photoshoot

Drooling over Instagram photos and not sure how to capture your own? It’s probably time for you to invest in a proper photoshoot for your Instagram business account. In order to get the most out of your session, it’s important to plan and come prepared.
Whether you’re taking photos to highlight your personality or showcase your products and services, it’s important that you have high-quality photos that match your branding. You can use these photos in your feed and Instagram Stories. In this blog post, I’ll show how you to make the most of your professional photo shoot and the kind of photos you need to take, including how to kick your photos up a notch.

#1 Personality Photos that Show the Face Behind Your Brand

Simply put, personality photos are exactly like what they sound like. These photos are meant to show off your personality and show the face behind your brand. If you’re a brand or business that values one-on-one relationships with your customers, which really everyone should, personality photos should be part of your Instagram content strategy. What’s so great about personality photos is that they provide a nice content break from typical product or service shots. Personality photos might feature snapshots that:
  • Represent you
  • Show the things you like to do
  • Explore the places you like to go
If you’ve seen either my business account, @TheInstagramExpert, or my personal account, @SueBZimmerman, you know that I love to share personality photos. Sue B Zimmerman walks down the street in Boston in a leopard print coat and hat. From enjoying my daily green juice to exploring my neighborhood in Boston, these photos don’t necessarily showcase the classes or services that my business offers. But they do go a long way in connecting me with my followers, and helping to foster deeper relationships with my clients.

#2 Product or Service Photos In Action

Sharing product or service photos are a must for any Instagram strategy, or even better, showing them in action, is an easy way to show how your clients utilize the things you’re selling. Even if you’re trying to get coaching clients, these photos can be really impactful. It’s not just about letting people know what you offer, but ways they can use it in their everyday lives. If you want to capture product or service photos that kick it up a notch, you could feature:
  • Your favorite location
  • Items that keep your business running
  • Models wearing or using your products
Sometimes, it could be as simple as taking photos at your workspace. Are you working from a desk creating artwork? Or a fitness pro working in a studio? Put your followers in the moment by taking them where you spend most of your time. For me, I’m always working on my phone or with my team on my computer. That’s why a lot of my professional Instagram photos include show me using technology. Sue B Zimmerman sits at a desk working on a laptop computer. As you’re planning your photoshoot, just remember to set reasonable expectations for yourself and the photographer. Prioritize the photos that are most important, and share what you envision with the photographer ahead of time. A few other suggestions for your professional Instagram photoshoot:
  • Be open to new ideas as you go
  • Don’t forget to coordinate any outfits that you’ll be wearing
  • Aim for a variety of objects and locations

Embellish Your Instagram Photoshoot with Props

Finally, there’s no denying that props are a sure-fire way to kick up your photoshoot. If I’m at a speaking gig or hosting a workshop, there’s a good chance that my hashtag signs are nearby. Sue B Zimmerman holds a #WickedSmaht hashtag sign at a speaking conference. When you’re deciding what props to use, think about:
  • What represents you?
  • What are you known for?
Maybe you want to feature your colorful nail polish or a ton of bracelets. Or possibly you have airpods on your desk or in your ears because you’re always on the go. Remember, the key to planning a successful photoshoot is taking snapshots that capture what makes you unique and why you stand out in your niche.

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