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How To Schedule Instagram Stories With Planoly 2018 (PLAN AHEAD SO YOU CAN TAKE A BREAK)

Have you ever wanted to take a vacation or maybe just a social media break without having to post on Instagram Stories? Well, there is an app for that, and now you are going to be able to unplug without your Instagram Stories going stale. The answer: using Planoly to schedule your content. Scheduling your Instagram Stories with an all-in-one tool like Planoly doesn’t just allow you to take a social media break, it can also take the worry out of implementing an Instagram marketing strategy. Today I’m going to focus on Instagram Stories, but if you need a refresher on the basics of Planoly and how you can use it to schedule content for your feed, I’ve got all the info you need here.

Scheduling Instagram Stories with Planoly

Weak wifi, delayed flights and other travel mishaps can prevent you from sharing to Instagram Stories in a timely way. Fortunately, Planoly makes it easy to curate your Stories content with a few simple steps.

#1 Gather Your Instagram Images and Videos

Trying to find your videos and images while you’re traveling is a waste of time, not to mention a huge headache. By setting aside time to curate your images and videos, you can make sure your marketing campaign’s message is clear and you’re not missing any content. I recommend saving all of your images and videos in cloud storage, like Google Drive or Dropbox. It not only makes it easier to organize, but it makes the content accessible to all the members of your team.

#2 Upload Your Instagram Stories Content

Once you’ve logged into your Planoly account, click on the Stories icon (“s” with the circle around it in the top left corner). Calendar view of using planoly on your computer with Sue B. Zimmerman, The Instagram Expert Next, click on “unscheduled.” Then select “add new story.” scheduling on planoly with sue b. zimmerman the instagram expert Now, pick and upload from your content source. Planoly scheduler for Instagram from Sue B Zimmerman the Instagram Expert Once your photos or videos are uploaded, you can drag them in the order you want to post. Planoly scheduler for Instagram posting from Sue B Zimmerman the Instagram Expert When the order is right, tap on the content to add a caption and schedule a time to share. Then, tap on save. Adding picture to Planoly scheduling tool on Instagram by Sue B. Zimmerman the Instagram Expert When it’s time to post your Instagram Stories content, you’ll get a push notification. Tap on the notification to open your image or video. Posting Picture on Instagram from Planoly by Sue B. Zimmerman the Instagram Expert You can add text or stickers to your Instagram Stories clip just like you would with your typical Instagram Stories content. If you want to save yourself even more time, add those text or design elements ahead of time using a tool like Canva. Customizing and posting to Instagram with Sue B. Zimmerman the Instagram Expert Finally, tap on share. That’s it, you’re done!

#3 When Should You Schedule Instagram Stories?

Using an app like Planoly to schedule your Instagram Stories is one the best ways to save time, stick to your posting schedule and stay connected with your Instagram community. But just because you have the power to schedule content, doesn’t mean you should rely on this strategy all the time. Here are a couple of things to note:
  • You should never schedule anything day-to-day, like grabbing coffee with a friend, if it’s not happening in real time. If you previously mentioned taking a family vacation or going Wifi-free for a weekend, people will quickly realize that your content is inauthentic.
  • Try to keep your content as relevant and authentic as possible. We all need a social media break now and then, but don’t forget that it’s the real, authentic moments that people love. This can be your opportunity to show people the personality behind your avatar.

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