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Should I Use Linktree on Instagram? How and When to Use Multiple Links in Your IG Bio

Are you using Linktree on Instagram™ to have multiple links in your bio? Or are you debating whether you should have more than one place to send people? 
Everyone has unique goals that drive their business and keep them energized. But there’s one thing that all businesses have in common: they want to drive a ton of people to their website.   In this week’s blog post I’m breaking down the best practices when using Linktree on Instagram™. Plus, you’ll discover the number one Linktree mistake to avoid. In this blog post:

What is Linktree?

Simply put, Linktree is a tool that allows you to host multiple links in your Instagram™ bio. Instead of updating your bio link every time you publish a new blog post or start a promotion, you can update your Linktree landing page in just a few clicks.  Trying to remember to update your bio link every time you publish new Instagram™ content is probably not at the top of your to-do list. That’s why Linktree can be so helpful.  It’s a win-win for busy business owners: You can drive people to multiple pieces of content and you don’t have to update your Instagram™ bio on a daily basis. 

When to Use Linktree for Your Instagram™ Bio

So when should you use Linktree? Bottom line: Linktree is a great tool to use except when you’re doing a promotion or special sale.  Otherwise, you should feel empowered to use Linktree as your go-to link for your bio. Think of it as a one-stop shop for your best resources and content.  This is the content that your ideal Instagram™ followers are looking for. Whether it’s your evergreen offer or the content that’s driving the most traffic to your website. 

When Not to Use Linktree for Your Instagram™ Bio

Linktree, of course, can be a helpful tool in driving more people to your website. However, there are instances where Linktree is probably not the best option for your bio.  For example, if you’re doing a promotion a Linktree link might not be your best option. After all, you’re trying to drive people to your awesome, limited promotion. Using a Linktree landing page with multiple links might confuse people. Instead, use one link. Then there’s no doubt what you’re asking your Instagram™ followers to do. 

How to Craft Linktree Links

You probably guessed that just using the title of your content isn’t enough when crafting your Linktree links … and you’re right! Think of the Linktree link as an email subject line or blog post title.  Still stuck about what that means for your Linktree links? Focus on the value people will find if they click on your links. Here’s what to keep in mind: 
  • Does your Linktree link tell someone why they should click it? 
  • Does your Linktree link describe the landing page? 
  • Avoid telling people what to do (For example, “read my blog post”) 

Examples of Businesses Driving More Traffic with Linktree

Now that you know how to use Linktree and the mistakes to avoid, let’s take a look at some businesses and brands that are using Linktree effectively. 


First up, Grand Rapids Brides. As a bridal shop specializing in everything people need to create the wedding of their dreams, they certainly have a lot of content to drive people to.  Grand Rapids Bride's Linktree landing page with four pink bars that include links and a graphic of their logo at the top. But even though they have a lot of bridal content, Grand Rapids Brides carries their branding throughout their Linktree landing page and in their link descriptions. Plus, they use little graphics as a small touch to tie in their bridal aesthetic. 


Another Instagram™ account that is using Linktree effectively is Top 4 Running Espaa. If you have a ton of products to feature, you need to check their page out.  Top for Running Espanas Linktree page has a black background with a faint photo of a track in the background. Despite having a ton of inventory, this company has organized their shoes with a focus on driving people to specific promotions and offers. 


Next up is Ginger, a Ready, Set, Gram student and visibility coach who helps women entrepreneurs stand out. Ginger’s Linktree page is a great example of the best ways to tie in your brand colors.  Ginger Starr Borden’s Linktree landing page that shows links in blue boxes and a photo of Ginger in a circle at the top. Ginger takes a small detail, like the colors in her Instagram Stories Highlights, and carries it through her Linktree landing page. Plus, her first link has a strong subject line. I can’t get enough! 


To round out the Linktree examples, check out Avanti Kumarsingh. Remember when I said that you need to think about the best content to grab the attention of your Instagram™ followers?  Avanti Kumarsingh’s Linktree landing page has a light brown background with one link box highlighted in a darker shade of brown. Well, for Avanti that means only including four links on her Linktree page. Since there are limited link options, it’s a lot easier for her to drive people to her content. Her followers never have to guess what Avanti wants them to click on. 

Linktree Final Tip

With Linktree you can share multiple links and drive more traffic to your business. But before you rush off to create your own Linktree page, here’s my final tip.  Always double check your Linktree links. I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve clicked on someone’s Linktree link and it’s either dead or not the right offer. You only get one chance to capture people’s attention. Don’t waste it with the wrong link. 

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