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Sue B.’s Instagram Stories Party Tricks and Tips

Let’s party, people! Get the party started with some NEW and improved Instagram™ Stories party tricks. 
Instagram™ might be a serious marketing tool, but that shouldn’t stop you from letting loose now and then for some Insta fun and letting your creativity shine. Keep reading to learn more about six of my favorite Instagram™ Stories party tricks and tips. In this blog post:

#1 Instagram™ Stories Party Trick: Pin a Sticker, Tag, or Text

There’s a good chance that you’re already adding stickers, tags, and text to your Instagram™ Stories. But did you know that you actually pin these engagement stickers to your Instagram Stories?  To do this, pick the video or image that you want to use in Instagram™ Stories, then pick the sticker that you want to use.  A menu of SBZ Instagram Stories stickers. Now, hold your finger on the sticker, tag, or text until the “pin it” option pops up. Finally, slide your finger to pick where in the video you’d like to pin the engagement sticker.  Sue B Zimmerman's Instagram Story shows her sitting at her desk chair in a blue dress with a bumblebee gif in her hand.

#2 Instagram™ Stories Party Trick: Mix Up Your Boomerangs

There’s no denying that Boomerang is one of the most popular video effects on Instagram™. But the fun doesn’t have to stop there!  While many people are familiar with the classic effect, there’s actually multiple Boomerang options:
  • Slowmo 
  • Echo
  • Duo
  • Classic 
Sue B Zimmerman smiles as she records a slowmo Boomerang. If you’re already using Boomerang, think about how you can shake thing your Instagram™ Stories with the different effects. 

#3 Instagram™ Stories Party Trick: Use a Moving Gif Background

If you already love sharing Gifs in your Instagram™ Stories, then you’re really going to like this trick. Swap out your static background for a moving Gif.  To create a moveable Instagram™ Stories background, pick your gif like this rotating diamond. Then enlarge the Gif until it fits your entire screen.  Sue B Zimmerman shares an Instagram Story with a large diamond Gif taking up most of the Story frame.

#4 Instagram™ Stories Party Trick: Try a Photo Layout

Sure, you can share one photo in your Instagram™ Stories. But you don’t always have to share Instagram™ Stories the “standard” way.  The next time you open up Instagram™ Stories, try the Layouts feature. Whether it’s two, three, or more images, you can be as creative as you want. Then you can choose to either share it immediately to your Instagram™ Stories or save it to your camera roll.  Sue B Zimmerman poses and smiles in a four-square Instagram Story layout.

#5 Instagram™ Stories Party Trick: Add a Dash of Fun

This is a party after all, grab your party hat! Even if you’re not specifically celebrating a party, maybe it’s a special giveaway or promotion, try to capture that fun vibe with your Instagram™ Stories.  Sue B Zimmerman poses and smiles in a blue dress with a checkered party hat sticker placed on her head. From confetti effects to party-themed Gifs, there are plenty of ways to bring the fun in your Instagram™ Stories. 

#6 Instagram™ Stories Party Trick: Stay True to Yourself

This is one party trick that I can’t say enough. Whatever content you share, you should always stay true to your brand’s unique aesthetic.  For example, you’ll often find shades of purple in my Instagram™ Stories. It’s a small touch, but my followers instantly recognize it as part of my brand.  Sue B Zimmerman's Instagram Story quote graphic that says "Mentorship is incredibly overlooked. People that you surround yourself with really do either catapult you or hold you back."

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