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Sue B.’s Time Management Tips for Solopreneurs

Getting sh*t done is a a huge challenge as an entrepreneur! Just look at our mile-long to-do lists. Here’s the truth: It’s taken me years to get focused and scheduled. That’s why in this blog post, I’m sharing my six time management tips for solopreneurs — so you can make the most of your time.  In this blog post: 

Time Management Tip #1: Live by Your Calendar

As busy entrepreneurs we cannot rely on random post-it notes or messy to-do lists to keep us organized. If you feel like you’re wasting time, it’s time to try a calendar.  I live by my calendar. If it’s not on my calendar then I’m not going to do it. That includes blocking off time to get tasks done.  But it’s not just me. The entire SBZ team relies on our calendars to stay organized and ensure we’re all in the loop about important deadlines. That’s why Kate, a key member of my team, checks in with me every morning about what’s on my calendar. You can do this too, even if you don’t have a team. Make it a habit to check your calendar every morning even before you check Instagram™. Plan out your day and stick to it! 

Time Management Tip #2: Be Realistic with Your Time

Another thing we do as entrepreneurs is stretch ourselves way too thin. Especially when our businesses are new, we don’t feel like we can say no to any opportunity. But ultimately this tendency to overextend ourselves leads to burnout.  Be honest about your time: 
  • Do you need buffers between meetings? 
  • Do you want to shower before you start your day? 
  • Do you need a weekly check-in with your team?
Block that time out. You’re more likely to stick to commitments once they’re on your calendar. 

Time Management Tip #3: What Do You Need to Be Successful?

As entrepreneurs we get so wrapped up checking things off our to-do list, we often miss the big picture. It’s important to think about your long-term goals.  I was 100% guilty of having shiny object syndrome, and getting distracted from my business goals. Now, I’m laser focused.  But I was able to focus once I prioritized the things that would help my business grow. Trust me when I tell you, this wasn’t an overnight change. It took a lot of time!  Now, when something isn’t working or I’m not enjoying a part of the business, I reassess with my CEO, Morgan.  Even if you don’t have a team, find someone you can confide in. Maybe it’s your best friend or a business accountability partner. Whoever it is, it should be someone you trust who can help you talk through the pain points of your business. 

Time Management Tip #4: Plan Your Calendar in Advance

Sure, your calendar is important for keeping track of your work deadlines. But your calendar is also important for staying on the same page with your team.  Whenever I want to travel, I always check with Morgan to talk through the timing of our launches. Then I can make sure I’m available on my calendar to do what’s necessary for the business. I might have to make some tweaks to the schedule, but Morgan and I are always on the same page so we can get it all done. 

Time Management Tip #5: Why I am No Longer a Solopreneuer

Today I have the luxury of having a team to help me keep track of my calendar and worry about other things in my business. But that’s definitely not how I started out.  It’s taken me years to get to this point with my team. Even as I’ve built my team, effective time management has always been a top priority for all of us. It doesn’t matter if you’re a solopreneuer or have a team of 20.  If you’re wasting time, you’re wasting opportunities for your business to grow. Make sure everyone, including yourself, understands the importance of time management. 

Time Management Tip #6: Get Outside

Finally, here’s my last time management tip. That’s right, get outside! I strongly believe that everyone should get outside and move their body every single day.  That’s why I make sure the SBZ team blocks it off on their calendars. Your to-do list might be a mile long, but you will be more productive and creative if you have a clear head.   Even when you feel like your to-do list isn’t getting shorter, take time to get outside. Even if you’re taking a meeting while you walk. Trust me, moving your body is a game changer every time. 

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