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Time Saving Tip To Quickly Edit Your Instagram Photos

Instagram filters are a fun way to draw eyeballs to your Instagram account. But scrolling through 27 different filters is time consuming. Save yourself the hassle by organizing your Instagram filters.  Keep the filters you use most often visible, and hide the others.

When you’re setting up your Instagram photo you’ll see all of your filter options. At the end of the filter choices you will see a gear icon, which allows you to organize and manage your filters. Click on the three horizontal bars to drag and arrange the filters based upon your preferences. In addition, if you click on the check mark on the right you can deselect filters that you don’t want to appear in your choices.

Remember that it is best to only use a few filters for your account. This consistency will help your feed to look more cohesive. So go ahead and get organizing because with this tip you’re one step closer to showing your followers that you always post with purpose and passion.

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