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Top Instagram Accounts of 2017

You’ve heard it before: A picture is worth a thousand words. But if you’re a brand on Instagram, a strong Instagram strategy can be the secret to meeting your business goals. That’s why I love taking a moment every December to call out the top Instagram accounts of the year that are nailing it.

These Instagram accounts are crushing it not because they have a ton of followers or likes, but they are all stellar examples of different tips and tricks that are helping them connect and promote their businesses on Instagram. Take a look and see which strategies you can use you for your own Instagram.

#1 @PressedJuicery

pressed-juicery Favorite Instagram Accounts of 2017

If you’re not already craving fresh juice, you might after you look at Pressed Juicery’s account. Founded in 2010 by a group of friends, Pressed Juicery has a simple mission: Make high nutrition a realistic option for all people. With delicious cold-pressed juices and juice cleanses, Pressed Juicery’s account is a beautiful collage of smiling, satisfied customers and vibrant juices.

But what I really love about Pressed Juicery is how well they leverage their Instagram bio link to offer an added value to their followers. Whether it’s a blog post about a new juice flavor or info about a new storefront, they are always intentional in which hyperlink they choose. Plus, Pressed Juicery recently offered a coupon via the link in their bio, which is a really smart (and easy) way to get more opt-ins for their email list.

When you’re brainstorming your Instagram content calendar, make sure you set aside time to think about the links you want to feature in your bio. The more consistent value you provide with your link, the more likely your followers will continue to click in.

#2 @RealPetFood

real-pet-food Best Instagram Accounts of 2017

Now here’s an account you and your furry friend will love. Real Pet Food is a subscription service that delivers fresh, one-ingredient dog treats right to your door. Each hand-selected, unique box is designed to deliver optimal, species-appropriate nutrition.

In an effort to spread the real food love and encourage more user-generated content, Real Pet Food does an amazing job promoting their brand hashtag, #FeedReal. They not only include it in every Instagram post they share, but they also put it front and center in all of their packaging. By sharing their hashtag consistently, Real Pet Food customers never have to guess which hashtag to share and are encouraged to share their own content.

Take the guesswork out of your brand hashtag. And if you’re not sure how to find a hashtag for your business, check out this blog post.

#3 @KhristinaHowell

Fearlessly-chic-living Best Instagram Accounts of 2017

We could all use more pops of color in our life, which is why I love Khristina Howell and her brand, Fearlessly Chic Living. As a designer, author and brand ambassador, Khristina’s love of all things vibrant and cheerful is irresistible.

It’s not only her love of color that makes Khristina stand out on Instagram – check out how amazing she is at creating a cohesive Instagram feed. Her brand has a lot going on, from pastel-colored phone cases to whimsical wrapping paper, but no matter what she shares Khristina sticks to a similar palette. Her followers instantly recognize her content and can’t help but stop in their scroll.

If you want to stand out like Khristina, you have to weave consistent branding in your posting strategy.

#4 @CoachJenRulon

coach-jen-rulon Best Instagram Accounts of 2017

As the temperature drops, we could all use inspiration to move our ass. Coach Jen Rulon is a fearless fitness coach and Ironman finisher. Not only is Jen a fitness superstar, but her Instagram feed shows her skills as a powerful storyteller.

Jen clearly knows that Instagram is a storytelling platform first, and she uses her Instagram feed to share her own fitness story and reestablish her reputation as an in-demand fitness coach. From crossing the finish line at the Ironman World Championship to soaking up the Hawaiian beach waves, Jen’s Instagram account isn’t just about recruiting new coaching clients.

By building trust and interest first, Jen is able to avoid coming across as overly salesy. What kind of story is your Instagram telling? If you need storytelling inspiration, check out Jen’s account.

#5 @Ashley_prgirl

Ashley-pr-girl Best Instagram Accounts of 2017

Now let’s check out an account that crushed Instagram Stories this year, Ashley Perkins. She’s a social media marketing mentor who helps brands create thriving communities and meet their business goals. If you’ve read my blog before, you that I’ve been buzzing about Instagram Stories all year, and Ashley is owning it!

Whether she’s sharing client testimonials or promoting her newest product launches, her stories give clients the “real deal” they need to create an authentic connection. As a plus, since Ashley shares consistently her followers have serious FOMO about missing any of her daily stories.

Remember no matter what kind of Instagram Story you share, it should always offer value to your followers. And if you’re not using Instagram Stories, which has over 250 million viewers daily, now is the time!

#6 @GetQuip

Get-quip Best Instagram Accounts of 2017

Who doesn’t love an out-of-the-box Instagram feed? One of latest obsessions over the past year is definitely Get Quip. This subscription service offers a fresh take on dental health, delivering a new toothbrush to you every three months. Even though they’re selling toothbrushes, Get Quip uses their feed to capture the attention of their on-the-go customers.

Their Instagram feed isn’t just limited to photos of their products. Get Quip uses cool art and backdrops to highlight the inspiration for their brand. Even a potential customer unfamiliar with their product can instantly tell what this brand is all about.

Get yourself out of your photo shoot or styling rut, and check out Get Quip’s account.

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