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Top Tips For Managing Multiple Instagram Accounts

Yes. It is hard to manage multiple Instagram accounts if you’re a social media manager, community manager, or virtual assistant trying to juggle it all. But as a professional in the social media space, it’s your responsibility to continue learning new tips and tricks for maximizing results.

To give you some insights from real people managing Instagram accounts for their clients, I enlisted a few students from my 2016 class of Insta Academy. Insta Academy is my training program for anyone managing Instagram accounts for others, so these students have been putting what they’ve learned to work and now have their top tips ready to share from experience.

Avril Oliver

Take the time to do a thorough brand review with your clients. Make sure you understand the look, feel, and message for their brand.

Kylene Kaelin

Create a plan and follow it! Use the tools that are available to lay out your photos and videos ahead of time. Write your descriptions and have your hashtags ready to go.

Ken Watson

Know your client’s personality. Make sure it shines in every post you do for them.

Katie Tovey-Grindlay

Communicate. Make sure that you communicate on a weekly basis if not more with your clients. Make sure you know what’s going on in their business, any promotions that they are wanting to hold, and if they are happy with the content that you are providing for them.

Katarina Andersson

Keep your Dropbox very organized with photos and videos to be able to tell a story about the client. Stay away from stock photos to be as authentic as possible.

Heather Robison

Sit down every 2 weeks and plan your next 2 weeks. That way you always have 2 weeks of content to pull from. You don’t have to stick to it but at least you have it if there are days you’re feeling uninspired.

Okay, my turn.

My top tip for managing multiple Instagram accounts is to strongly defend your need for great photos to your clients. Make sure they know up front that that is your #1 necessity. They can then choose to provide you with amazing photos by scheduling a photo shoot, or allow you to be the content creator and produce the photos for them if possible. Great photos will give their feed that professional look that makes their brand stand out!

If you’re a social media manager, virtual assistant, or community manager I’d love to hear what your top tips are for managing Instagram accounts in the comments below!

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