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Why I Asked My #AskGaryVee Question

On August 4th 2015, Gary Vaynerchuk answered my question I submitted via video on episode 126 of his YouTube and Podcast show The #AskGaryVee Show.


Have I been admiring Gary for years now? Heck yeah! Was I thrilled when my team member Rachel texted me to tell me that he was live on Periscope filming the show and answering my question? Absolutely! Definitely doing the #HashtagHappyDance.


So why did I ask that question? (watch the video below to see what it was)



Well..the truth is that we really do have a #shitton going on every single day – just today I got my hair done for 3 interviews. And I have no problem coming up with ideas to move things forward. The issue is choosing what to focus on and what projects to drop.


So far this year the most powerful thing I’ve learned is to start saying NO…or…not right now. I’m always telling Morgan and Rachel every time I have an idea, “I don’t mean we need to do this right now, but I think it could work in the future.” But even with all the NOs I’m putting out there it’s still difficult for me as the multi-passionate entrepreneur that I am to turn down something that sounds fun or cool. I wouldn’t say that I have shiny object syndrome, I just honestly don’t like to miss out on the action or potential visibility. So it can be tough to discern what needs to be my priority.


For example…when Periscope was first released I really wanted to dive right in and use it fully. And I did. But it can be totally addicting. Without a real strategy how can I move the business forward? My goal was not to abandon Instagram and become some kind of Periscope expert but instead to simply reach new people.


So when we sat down for our Q3 meeting we started brainstorming how we could make it work. The conclusion? I’m Periscoping less often and delivering as much info as I possibly can while strengthening connections with my followers. And as we progress we are figuring out the best ways to drive traffic straight from the platform…more on that at a later time.


Now what did I think of Gary’s answer? Click to minute 13:25 to see what he says. Spot on (as he normally is). I’ve actually already executed a few of his suggestions. Can you relate?


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Lastly I’m 100% grateful to Gary for answering my question. Thank you. And thank you to the behind the scenes team members that field the questions (India, DRock, Steve you rock). Looking forward to getting my hands on the #AskGaryVee book!

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